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Five Simple Business Ideas for Teens - No Diplomas Required to Start

My children are really growing up fast. Three of them are now in their teenage years. They have a lot of free time now that it's summer vacation once again. It's okay to let them relax after approximately 10 months of studying in high school. When at home, they usually spend their free time playing video games or watching their favorite programs on TV or going online.

But time can be spent on more productive things. Honestly, I think many children (including mine) spend too much time on their gadgets (cellphone or iPad). Don't you just wish that they would put their gadgets down and do something else?

Aside from helping with chores (wash, cook and clean), why not encourage them to engage in some sort of business. Most teenagers or high schoolers are open to new ideas, so they can be encouraged to pursue a business venture. Besides, it would be an additional valuable life skill for your teen to learn about business.

It's a fact that many of the most successful businessmen in the world started out when they were just kids. They started small and built upon their businesses until they turned them into multi-million dollar companies. Who knows they might actually be good in doing business and they get to earn some cash in the process. It’s never too early to let them start getting in touch with their inner entrepreneur.

Now “What type of business can teenagers create?” Check out these 5 business ideas that they might be well-suited for.

1. Freelance writing

If your teen has good writing skills, he can write articles and get paid. Writing articles isn’t as difficult as it sounds but it takes practice.

I remember some time ago, one high school student approached me and asked about a gig. It was timely that I needed help with some simple writing jobs. So, I gave her a few articles to work on. She earned some and learned some, too.

Your teenager can look for some writing jobs online or advertise his services on a freelance marketplace website like Fiverr. Just be sure that the client or work is legit. If he/she finds the right clients and provides an excellent service, eventually, it could be a an excellent way to generate some income anytime.

2. Freelance photography

Does your teenager have a camera? He/She can offer services as a professional photographer at different events and gatherings. The opportunities are limitless.

I've been seeing a teenaged boy taking pictures during the graduation and recognition ceremonies at our children's school. His father is the official photographer. The boy is his assistant and I believe he's getting paid some for it.

3. Manual services

There are many in-demand opportunities for manual services. Examples are lawn mowing, gardening, landscaping, painting, cleaning, pet sitting and babysitting services. Your teens can begin offering these kinds of businesses by approaching others in the neighborhood or community directly.

Providing manual services can mean hard work. However, once your teen gets regular clients, he/she can hire more help to make the work load lighter. There’s also the possibility of outsourcing the entire operation and they just manage the business.

4. Selling homemade goods

If your teen has a hobby like making fashion jewelries, painting or baking, he/she can start selling what he/she is making. It's easier to sell products nowadays. I remember some time in 2014, my children and I made some polvoron and handmade chocolates. We enjoyed making them and we also sold some of them.

polvoron hearts

The easiest way to sell the products is to offer them to your friends and neighbors. Another way that your teen can do is to take a picture of the products and post it on social media like Facebook or on other marketplace sites like Shopee.

5. Teaching summer classes

If your teen is fond of kids and she has the aptitude, he or she can offer tutorial services or summer learning programs. He or she can offer to go to the student's home or if there's space in your home, he/she can accept a few students and conduct a class.

I know many parents are looking for tutors for their kids during summer to study in advance some of the lessons for the next school year. Others who have kids that will be enrolling in kindergarten would like someone to teach their kids to read or write. But, the tutorial or class doesn't have to be just about academic subjects. If your teen is gifted in drawing or dancing ballet or playing a particular sport, he/she can offer to teach little kids their expertise.

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These five business ideas don’t require diplomas or any previous experience to get started. Anyone can use these ideas to generate some additional income. At first, it might be a little nerve racking, but after the initial steps it will be much easier.

Would you want your teenager to try going into a business venture? It can help them learn valuable life lessons about becoming financially stable. Even if building a business can mean a lot of hard work, it’s a great experience. It could be fun also. Encourage your teenager to give it a try!


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