Would You Put Your Loved One in an Adult Day Care for Alzheimer’s Patients?

Last year, there was a telenovela series on ABS-CBN entitled "The Greatest Love" which tells the journey and experiences of a mother who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. It was a very touching story and it mirrors something that is actually happening in our society today.

In the story, the mother attended some activities offered in a care facility for Alzheimer's patients, but she never really stayed in-house. It is a good option if there were family members to take care of the patient or loved one and it would save the family more money. But what if such an option is not feasible. Would you consider putting your mother or father who is suffering from dementia in an adult care facility especially for Alzheimer's patients?

In many places around the world, adult daycare centers have risen in popularity because of the services offered to elderly. It has a planned or structured therapy for patients to help improve their mental and cognitive functions. They offer all these programs within an enclosed and safe environment. These adult daycare proves to be beneficial for the elderly people especially those dealing with dementia. About fifty percent of the people in these senior day cares suffer from Alzheimer or dementia problems.

Adult day care are often affiliated or registered with various groups such as the medical centers, living communities, and nursing homes. Different organizations such as churches and community centers also offer help to these day care centers. As mentioned above, most of the people attending these adult day care centers are victim to dementia and Alzheimer. It's good that such patients are constantly under the care or guidance of a caregiver as these people may begin or already experience episodes of cognitive or mental impairment.

What can be expected from adult day care services?

Adult day care systems may offer a list of services depending upon the need of an individual. Apart from fun and entertaining activities, the day care centers also offer various educational and therapeutic activities. However, if a person is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer, there is a different list of activities or services which are tailored to them.

Some adult day care activities are scheduled for several hours in a week. However, rarely do these day care services operate during the evening or weekends. Some of them even allow transportation for free, while the others charge a fee. The prominent day care services include the following:
  • Speech and therapy functional as well as musical.
  • Recreational activities such as art and craft, drawing and many others.
  • Group outings, social interactions and activities.
  • Management of behavioral disorders
  • Nursing and care for the individual
  • Food and snacks at a specific time of the day
These are adult day care services are not specific for Alzheimer and dementia patients. The Alzheimer day care services have a totally different list of activities to cater the needs of such patients. The dementia day care centers often have trained personnel to guide the Alzheimer and dementia patients. These people offer complete care and protection for your loved one.

What are the benefits to Alzheimer’s patient staying in a day care home?
Here are a few benefits to the elderly with dementia and Alzheimer's disease if they stay in a day care center:
  • In an adult day care, they don't just stay in their house or room.
  • They get a break from the monotony of being with a caregiver always.
  • They are provided all the essential therapies they need with the guidance of professionals.
  • They are allowed to stay independent for a long period of time.
  • The most significant benefit is that they get to interact and spend some time with other people.
  • They engage in various activities which help them improve their mental functions.

What activities are good for seniors which are available in day care centers?

A proper adult day care program offers some activities to Alzheimer patients for their benefits. These activities help slow down the progress of the development of the disease. By taking part in such activities, it also helps the patients overcome their loneliness and depression.

Depending on the stage of the dementia, patients engage in activities that help their proper cognitive functions and socialization. Below is a list of activities for Alzheimer and dementia patients at a senior day care centers:

1. Puzzle and Games

The Dementia and Alzheimer patients are helped to complete Sudoku and crossword puzzles. They also play the search game, scenery puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and others. These help to improve their memory functions. They are even made to recall about the places where their loved ones live.

2. Photo and Scrapbook activities

This may look like simple activities, but they have a great impact. Patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer are constantly at the risk of losing their memory. Thus, arranging old photos or making scrapbooks can be of great help.

3. Sharing of memories

The group is made to share loving memories with each other so that they can recall life's happenings. This too improves memory retention.

If you look think your loved one needs special care from an Alzheimer and dementia day care center, you can look around and fine one such as Skylark Senior Care. These day care centers can be of great help in improving the patient’s well-being. They can fulfill the gap you can’t bridge because of your busy schedule or for not being able to take care of them.


Britt K said…
I think these offer a great way to ensure that your family member is getting the care and attention that they need to keep them happy and healthy when you're unable to be there - as much as we would all love to have the opportunity to leave our jobs and be available to loved ones 24/7 when the need arises, that's just not practical.
Anonymous said…
I think this is a fabulous solution although I’m sure a difficult one. As Britt stated, like ed ones may be unable to leave their jobs to care for a loved one 24/7... My great grandfather had to go to one and it was a kind and gentle facility.... DaisyGirl
Unknown said…
My family also think if my grandma have to go Adult day care. seems some they good service that she can meet more people!

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