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What is Microblading Eyebrows Like?

The other day, I was helping my daughter prepare for a school assignment where she would dress up and speak in front of the class as a certain personality. She was assigned to do a characterization of Senator Loren Legarda.

While doing her dress rehearsal, we chose just a simple look. She wore a black top with sarong, a pair of beaded necklace and earrings. Her hair was styled up as a bun. Then, she asked me if she will wear make-up. I said she could put on lipstick. Then, I noticed her eyebrows - how it was so different from Senator Legarda's picture perfect eyebrows. I thought that maybe it would look better if we fixed it. But, honestly, I don't know how because I also don't touch my eyebrows. So, we just let her eyebrows be.

Image By David Saiz O [CC BY-SA 4.0  (], from Wikimedia Commons

Nowadays, with the advancement in various technologies, it's not surprising that even the beauty sector has made several significant improvements. One of which is the introduction of the microblading technique. It is a technique used to shape the eye-brows to come up with a picture-perfect brows. It is definitely something that can make you feel good about yourself. What's good about Microblading is that it shapes up the eyebrows and makes it appear as if it were natural.

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique of fixing the eyebrows. It is like tattooing with temporary effects because the pigment used fades with time. After microblading, the fixed eyebrows usually last for three years, but you need to get it checked every six months to ensure you stay safe and look beautiful. If you get microblading done, you get filled, natural looking eyebrows that are picture-perfect ready. So even if you just woke up, you don't have to fill in your brows because they will always be photo ready.

Before you go and get microblading done, here is a list of things you should be aware of:

1. It can be painful.

The process of microblading uses a manual pen-like tool with needles to implant the cosmetic grade-ink under the dermis of the eyebrows area. Although anesthetics are used by makeup artists, the process of microblading can be painful. If you cannot tolerate the pain, it is recommended that you do not go in for the process of microblading. Often it takes half to one hour to do microblading. So, if you have committed to getting beautiful eyebrows, be ready to endure the pain just in case.

2. Consult the experts first.

If you have decided about getting microblading done, you will need to visit a salon. Of course, you should know how much it would cost. But aside from knowing that fact, we highly recommend that you set a meeting for consultation with an expert prior to getting the treatment. You need to know about the entire process of microblading. During the meeting, you can also ask the following questions:

• How much do they charge for their services?
• How many clients they have catered before you?
• Do they possess any certification and license or not?

You should also tell them about your specific requirements regarding your eyebrows (if you have any). If you are allergic to inks and anesthetics, be frank in letting them know about those problems. If you do not, you may land into trouble. Your goal in consulting an expert is to have all your doubts cleared and avert any problems.

If you are trying to find an ideal microblading expert near you, you can look up for them in the internet. Just search in Google “microblading near me” and you will get a list of experts and microblading services around you.

3. You won’t get immediate results.

If you are under the impression that microblading will provide you the perfect brows immediately, you are wrong. Soon after the microblading process, your skin needs time to heal. The color of the brows will turn dark brown in the initial weeks and then return back to the natural color gradually. People having sensitive skin, become prone to swelling, redness and tenderness. Thus, experts recommend to undergo the follow-up sessions for a few weeks. This will help them determine whether you’ve got the eyebrow of your choice or not.

4. You have to be patient.

Microblading is not a fast and immediate process. The initial or the starting procedure of microblading would take a lot of time. The initial few hours are spent for measuring and proportioning your face. Then sketching upon your eyebrows is done. After all this process, the microblading technique begins. This goes on for many hours. The time it takes to do microblading usually depends upon the thickness and number of strokes on the brows and the skills of the artist you choose. Do not rush, if an artist is taking time, let them. If you rush, you are the one who will be suffering because of the mishaps.

5. You can always ask for small corrections.

If you are not satisfied with how you look because of a small mishap, you can always ask your artist for a correction. However, these small corrections need to be done after the healing process. This is sort of a  tough process which will require extra time. Thus, experts always recommend that you get your eyebrows shaped even before the beginning of the process. You can also avoid such minor problems by choosing highly professional artists.

You should always choose a microblading expert who is experienced and has a certification. They will help you get the perfect eyebrows. Would you consider getting microblading done to fix your eye brows?


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