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How to Tell If Someone Is Going to Commit Suicide

How do you know if someone is suicidal and what should you do?

Two weeks ago, we went to a wake of a young girl who is the daughter of my husband's cousin. The girl was only a senior high school student. According to the family, she died because she tried to help a friend who was going to commit suicide. She was trying to stop her friend jump from a building. Nobody saw what actually happened. So, the question "how come she ended up dead together with her friend" still remains unanswered. This incident is a dreadful one. It truly caused heartache and a lot of pain to the family that was left behind. 

Looking back, what could have been done to prevent the person from committing suicide? How about the friend trying to stop it? What could she have done to save both of them?

I believe that if you know someone is planning to commit suicide, you can be a shoulder to lean on, you can listen calmly and perhaps it will help restore hope to the hopeless suicidal. But how do you know if someone is contemplating on committing suicide?

Take a look at this infographic below to know the important things concerning a person with suicidal tendencies.

how to tell is someone is suicidal infographic

Most people who commit suicide generally tell somebody about their plans; they give some kind of warning sign. People who are filled with lost hope and despair, including teens, could attempt suicide. These are not people who are simply going through a rough patch. These are people who suffer for weeks and months.

Usually friends, family, and work colleagues can see the warning signs. They should take advantage of the fact that people who are depressed, lonely and has a tendency to commit suicide has a mental disorder. The good news is, it is treatable but they need to get the right help.

Do something! What should you do?

Find out from your family or friend who is suicidal what is making them think that way. Be direct, supportive but not judgmental.

If you think someone is going to do it, stay and don’t leave the suicidal person alone. Also, let his family or friends know about the situation. Don't keep it a secret and don't attempt to save the person on your own. Parents have a responsibility to look out for the welfare of their children. It's really sad if the parents are not there to be their children's guide and peaceful abode to go to.

It is best that the person be directed to see a mental therapist or counselor. You can arrange such a meeting for them. By doing this, you're saving the life of someone.

Do you know someone who is depressed or anxious and might be planning to commit suicide? Remember you can do something.


This is so intense and needed for the shorter days. My neighbor recently almost lost her son to divide, thank Godness she was aware of the signs.
Wow that was . tough read and such a sad situation you were in. Working as a trainee psychologist has taught me that yes there can be things to look for but actually sometimes they aren't and people take their own lives without any warnings and theres nothing people could have done. This makes it far less blaming.
Chin chin said…
I agree that it happens without warning sometimes .... and this is very sad.

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