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7 New Year Health Goals to Keep

I read a post from about the Level Ten Life. It's a way of taking an inventory of different aspects of your life i.e. career, health, marriage, finances, etc. You rate each aspect from 1 to 10 and then list what you think can be done next to improve each one. I think it's very helpful to do this as the new year approaches. I just might ask my family to do this little activity on New Year's Eve.

I did the Level Ten Life and I gave my health a rate of 5 out of 10. Why? Well, I am thankful that I've been physically well almost the entire 2018. I did have several episodes of migraine and one case of UTI with bleeding, but I'm ok.

Though something happened two weeks ago that made me realize that I have to take weight loss a bit more seriously come 2019. I sprained my right ankle and I heard the bones on my feet crack. I've been in pain and not able to walk properly without a cane for about 10 days. My feet is better now though there's still some pain.

The sprain shouldn't have been that worse if I am not heavy. So, I really have to do something about my weight. This is part of the reason I'm writing this post on my New Year health goal. If you're also struggling with your weight or your health in one way or another, I hope this can inspire you as well.
Now, what are some simple action steps I can take to keep myself healthier and hopefully lighter this 2019? Here are seven:

1. Drink More Water

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water keeps the skin and digestive system healthy. It is also one way to avoid UTI, so I need to drink more. I might also drink more infused water including warm lemon water.

2. Improve Eating Habits

I have to start taking note of what I eat and how often I eat for a couple of days. Honestly, I eat a lot of snacks in between meals, but that doesn't make me lose my appetite for eating at lunch or dinner. So, I have to really watch it.

I often prepare balanced meals for our family but I want to eat more vegetables and fruits personally. I've been wanting to drink homemade smoothies, but I've been procrastinating. I just have to get it going.

3. Exercise 10 Minutes a Day

I started exercising at home early in 2018 but I was not able to sustain it. I did not have enough motivation, I guess.

This 2019, I want to start small with 10 minutes of exercise a day and do it consistently. I could do  Zumba by FaithFit or any dancing and walking. I just hope that my right foot will be back to normal soon.

4. Reduce Calorie Intake

Losing weight is actually the result of using up more calories than what a person eats. So, as I have said above, I have to watch my snacking and be consistent in exercising. More specific resolutions to reducing calorie intake will be mentioned below.

5. Eat or Drink Less Sugar

Sugar is the number one culprit of weight gain. It affects one's teeth and health causing conditions, such as type II diabetes and heart disease.

To cut down on sugar intake, I would drink plain water and not sweet drinks like juice, iced tea or soft drinks. I would also eat less sweet snacks, like cakes and biscuits. I would try my best to munch on fresh fruits instead.

6. Eat mindfully

In this age of multitasking, many people don't sit down to just eat. They watch and eat; chat (using smartphone) and eat; work and eat. I guess I'm guilty of this, too. Studies say that sitting down and focusing exclusively on eating helps you to enjoy your food more and eat less.

So, mindful eating helps with weight loss because it tends to control binge and emotional eating. These tips can help in avoiding unhealthy eating habits by paying more attention to your meals:
  • Eat slowly and away from the TV, smartphone or computer to avoid distractions.
  • Pay more attention to any feeling of fullness when eating. Stop eating when you start feeling full. So, it's good to put a small portion of food (and not one big heap) on your plate when eating. Just add some more when you're not yet full.
  • Differentiate hunger from thirst. Have you ever felt like snacking (even after a meal)? You may be just thirsty. So, drink a full glass of water first and wait for about 20 minutes. Then, ask if you’re still hungry. 

7. Get enough sleep

I must admit that I usually lack sleep. I've been sleeping just 5 to 6 hours every day, especially during my kids' school days.

Aside from the lack of concentration when I'm doing work, lack of sleep can also cause weight gain. According to a study mentioned by WebMD, people who sleep less than 6 hours a day were 30 percent more likely to be obese. That is because inadequate sleep seems to stimulate appetite and cravings for high-fat, high carbohydrate foods.

To help me follow through these health goals, I'm planning to make a habit tracker. I will also share with you the printables when they are ready.

How about you have you set any health goals this 2019? Feel free to share in the comments below. I hope we will all succeed with our goals.


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