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How to Stop Wasting Time: 3 Simple Steps

I don't want to waste time, but sometimes - many times - I find myself wasting time. Often, I do something else when I should be getting some work done.

Are you also like me? Wasting time? I think almost everybody has a habit of procrastination. You might not admit it but I bet that deep inside you're telling yourself that you need to kick this habit?

If you made some goals you want to accomplish just three weeks ago or before the new year kicked in, how are you doing? I hope you have not procrastinated over your goals yet.

As I slightly mentioned in another post, I was planning to do the Level 10 Life chart with my family on New Year's Eve. We did (using the free printable from and it was a very good family activity. We were able to assess different areas of our lives and shared what we can do to improve. We also came to an agreement over doing some things as a family. I hope that we will be consistent until the last day of 2019.

Level Ten Life Chart
How we used this Level Ten Life chart: 1. Write the different areas of life (family, chores, money, spiritual, etc) on each section of the outer ring. 2. Color each section based on how you rank yourself in each area of life. You may use different colors for each area if you want. 3. Write on the blank spaces steps you can take to improve in each area. 4. Family sharing.

Tips to Stop Wasting Time

If you would like to use your time wisely this year, then find time to do these three simple steps. These will help you direct your efforts on what are important and say no to non-essentials.

1. Identify your time wasters.

Do you waste your time watching television or browsing the Internet when you should be working on your tasks? Make a list of your time wasters? Maybe your list can include reading the newspaper, commuting to work or waiting in line at the bank.

Spend some time now to list it all down.

2. Find your solutions.

Now that you know the things that you waste your time on, list down the steps you can take to avoid wasting time. Perhaps you need to unplug the television or turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. If you don't want to line up at the bank to pay your bills, maybe you could opt for online or mobile banking instead.

You could also do a little bit of multi-tasking. I know that we should not multi-task if we need to concentrate on doing something important.

But I suggest multi-tasking for those times that we call in Filipino "patay na oras." I can't think of the right English translation for this phrase. But to try to explain it, think of the long time you spend commuting because of the traffic. During such times, you can multi-task a bit. Maybe you can use your mobile phone to be productive - read or listen to podcasts and learn.

3. Make a plan to execute your solutions.

After doing the Level Ten Life chart, I found making a habit tracker really helpful. First, I create a checklist of the things I want to do consistently. For example, if you have a store, you can list the important to-dos, like go to the store at 7:00 a.m., clean the store, check the inventory, etc.

Then, make a monthly habit-tracker. It's simple to make. If you have a notebook, just make boxes or a grid with 30 boxes per row. You can make as many rows as the number of your to-dos. Your to-dos may include exercise everyday, sleep by 9 pm, meditate in the morning, drink 8 glasses of water, write a blog post, etc.

So, everyday update your habit tracker. Color or shade one box every time you're able to accomplish your to-dos. With this, you can see your progress on your to-dos for each month.

I hope that you can make every second of your life count this year. Remember, time waits for no man!

Download Free Habit Tracker Planner Kit

I also made some free printables for you that you can use for planning and tracking your progress. This habit tracker planner kit includes a Level Ten Life sheet, monthly habit tracker and weekly planner with to-do/reminders section (which you can also use to log appointments, memory verses, quotes, praise report, prayer request, etc).

You can download the habit tracker planner kit here.


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Here are some of the most common time wasters in the office that all of us are guilty of, and how to get out of the rut. -

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