Pros and Cons of Working from Home

With the advancement in technology, it is really amazing how working from home has become possible. For instance, a client from the western part of the world can hire a virtual assistant who lives all across his world! It's really becoming a small, small world.

Working from home, or becoming self-employed sounds like the ideal life. You can get out of bed when you want, work whatever hours you feel like, and literally sit around all day in your pajamas (if you really want to). However, like anything in life, there are some negatives that come along with the benefits. You have to take the rough with the smooth.

Pros and Cons of Working From Home

Not everyone is cut out for working from home. You need to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons if you want to continue. This article will talk about the pros and cons of working from home or running your own business from home. So if you want to know if this kind of lifestyle or work is right for you, read on.

Let's see the cons first; then end on a positive note!


Lack of Motivation

Because your boss may not be physically present, it can be easy to put work off for another time. It can be difficult to motivate yourself because there is little risk if you fail to complete the work.
If you have a boss or manager, the danger is you might lose your job if you under-perform. An employee need to complete the task assigned to him/her with the best of his/her ability and, as quickly as possible. If you answer only to yourself, however, you are freed to choose as you desire.

When work becomes difficult or tedious, it becomes tough to motivate yourself to get the work done when there are so many distractions around. If you had total freedom, which would you be most likely to choose? Writing that 3000-word article, or staying in bed an extra hour and catching up on the latest season of your favorite Netflix show? The work can be done later, right?

People Just Don't Seem to Understand

Family members and friends who are used to having traditional jobs don't understand what it is to work from home. For them, seeing somebody who wakes up whatever time of day they want to, seems to be at home while other people are at work, and does whatever hours they want to, doesn’t seem right somehow.

Conversations about what you do for a living can turn out awkward. No matter how hard you explain, some people with normal jobs just can't seem to understand work from home. Though there has been changes recently with the rising number of people working from home. A lot more people are interested in the potential of doing business or working from home.

Work from Home Can Be Lonely

Working from home can become lonely. If you're not the kind of person who enjoys being on your own, this type of work can be difficult. You’ll be at home for long periods, sometimes without socializing or speaking with anyone face to face for hours at a time.


Home is set up the way you want for comfort and relaxation. You have all of your favorite things and enjoyable activities at home - the TV, your favorite food, the internet. If you work from home, all these pleasures can become distractions. These simple distractions can become an excuse for getting only half an hour work complete in one day.

Success Comes After Some Time

If you start your own business or become a freelancer, success does not come overnight. It takes time and momentum to build things up. You might not find work/business immediately or clients you want to work with for a long time.

Do you have the fortitude and persistence needed for this? The first year or two may be entirely about building the foundation of your business, which can sometimes seem like there are no little to no returns for a lot of effort. It takes time to build your reputation and bring in enough regular work and customers to get the amount of income you desire.

Manage Your Budget

As you're building up your career as a work from home person, you need to budget your money. Unlike having a regular job where you have employee benefits such as health insurance and paid vacations, now you might not have these benefits.

That's why you have to set aside money for these things. You also have to handle money matters like computation of taxes, payment to social security, etc on your own.


Set Your Own Hours

You no longer have to get up at 6 am to commute to your place of work so you can be on time for your job. Time is yours. Set your own hours to achieve what you need to each week, and work these hours at whatever time of day you want.

No More Traffic

This is definitely a big thing for me. No more sitting in the rush-hour traffic each day. Imagine the time you will gain back and the freedom you’ll feel by not having to sit in traffic all day, or having to put up with public transport?

Wear What You Want

No uniform or dress code. You can work at home in your pajamas if you really want to. The only communication you need is by phone or email. Your clients, in general, won’t know or care about what you are wearing as long as you perform your task well for them.

More Time for the Family

If you have children, you can take them to and from school; you'll be there if there's ever any emergency, you’ll never miss a school play or performance by them ever again. You can work when you want, and you can make up any missed hours at any time.

Answer to No One

You will manage all aspects of your work. The only people you will be accountable to will be your clients.

Earnings Can be Limitless

If you are working for yourself, there is no real cap on your earnings. You might not be earning a lot at first, but your earnings can go higher. The rewards will depend upon the amount of hard work you put in and business planning you put out.

Working from home offers many benefits and drawbacks. If you think the benefits are worth the hard effort and sacrifice, then go and do it. Things can be rough at the start, but working from home can turn out very lucrative, and expansion is almost unlimited. The sky is the limit!


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