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What are Some Fun Summer Outdoor Activities For Kids?

Summer in this part of the world is almost ending. My children will be back to school in a week or two. My family did not go to many events, but we did have a few memorable ones like our visit to Tagaytay and swimming in Batangas, my simple birthday celebration at home and when we watched the movie Avengers End Game.

My three daughters also enrolled in Pasig's Youth Development Center summer program. It's free for PasigueƱos. They chose to learn how to play the piano. They will have their recital this Saturday and I'm looking forward to watching them show what they learned.

Below is Janel's video while practicing her piece "10,000 Reasons" for the recital. I'm amazed that they learned to play the piano that fast. She's using the organ that their lola (grandma) bought about 25 years ago. Since nobody is using it already in my parent's house, we asked their lolo (grandpa) to gift it to them.

My two boys were also busy with something they needed to do. My eldest son, who's going to college, took care of his enrollment requirements. He was not accepted to top university, but he's blessed to have passed the entrance exams in two public universities. He chose the university where he did not really expect to pass. Less than 5,000 freshman students were accepted and he's one of them. We're really thankful to God for helping him. My second son enrolled in review classes to help him prepare for the college entrance exams as he is going to college next year. Praying for the best.

How Are Your Children Spending Their Summer Vacation? Why Should They Play Outdoors?

Do you have children? How did they spend or how are they going to spend their summer? Teens, even kids, could happily spend hours in front of a television, computer or mobile gadget watching videos, playing games or chatting on social network.

But spending their whole time on such activities is not healthy. Maybe buying some toys for outdoor play is a good idea. In this era of technology, parents should know that outdoor play is important to children. Why?

It builds the social skills of the children. Kids playing outdoors are almost never alone. So, they learn to work with others, make decisions and be more tolerant of others.

It fights childhood obesity. Playing outdoors would mean that the children are exercising at the same time. Kids definitely would like to play tag, jump rope or dodge ball instead of do jumping jacks or timed runs. So, they burn more calories while having fun.

It reduces stress and restlessness. When kids play outdoors, parents get to relax a little bit. Moreover, the child gets tired faster so they can sleep faster at night.

What Can Kids Do Outdoors This Summer?

There are a lot of fun summer activities kids can do outdoors that'll make them active and happy.

Here are some fun summer activities you might like:

Fruit Picking

If there's a farm that you can visit that would allow you to pick the fruit that you would buy, it could be a great outdoor activity. Not only will you get cheaper fruit, the kids will also learn about the fruits/veggies that you would them serve on the table.

Taking Care of the Environment

It would be a great time to teach the kids about caring for the environment. You can help them grow a gardens. Or maybe you and your kids can help clean up streets or beautify community areas.

Explore By Walking

Walking as a family allows everyone to experience the fresh air and enjoy the environment. Find out where you can take fun walks in your area. This can keep you active and healthy!


If your child does not know how to ride a bike yet, this is a good time to teach him/her. So start early saving some money to buy your child a bike.

Wildlife Watching

Teach you child more about wildlife - in your garden, in a park, in a nearby zoo or a bird sanctuary. It will be fun to make something like bird feeders as well.

Here are some fun summer games your kids could play:

Sports Games

My sons like joining basketball tournaments during summer. So, if your child has a favorite sport like soccer, swimming, or volleyball, spend time together as a family in these sports or let them join summer clinics or tournaments in your community.

Party games

Hosting a summer party? You can recreate a beach scene in the garden. Put kiddie pools, deck chairs and sand pits. Play musical chairs but use towels instead of chairs or play water balloon toss.

For more traditional summer games, kids today still enjoy relay races, "pin the bee on the flower" (a version of pin the tail on the donkey and treasure hunting.

Beach Games

Spending time at the beach this summer? Aside from having sports tournaments, you can also enjoy summer games building the best sand castle, or digging the biggest hole. Relay races are also good, such as passing water using just hands to fill a bucket on the shore.

I hope the above ideas will help make your summer a lot of fun this year. Share in the comments what else you and your kids like to do during the summer.


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