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Tackling a Patio or Deck Project - How to Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Money

It’s no secret that outdoor renovations and landscaping projects can get rather expensive rather quickly, but they can also transform the exterior into something beautiful that you can enjoy year after year. One of the most popular projects that homeowners take on is to add a patio or deck to their back or front yard. This provides them with a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors, entertain, and really extend their living space. But just like any other project, a deck or patio can be quite costly.

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Here we’ll take a look at tips that will help you ensure you get the most for your money, including making that decision between deck or patio.

Raised Patio or Deck?

The first hurdle you’ll need to tackle is to make the decision between raised patio or deck. While they may seem similar, in reality, they each have their own list of pros and cons. In terms of raised patio vs deck – Axel Landscape in Hopkins, MN has written a really informative blog thanks to their own hands-on experiences as professional landscape designers.

With a patio, the maintenance tends to be little to none required and you can expect to get anywhere from 20-30 years out of it. It tends to be the cheaper material to use, which means it's cheaper overall. You can also build them to any size or shape. As far as cons go, you need to be prepared to sweep sand into the joints on a bi-yearly basis, and you'll need a wall if you plan on raising it above the lawn.

As far as wood decking goes, it’s the more expensive material but many prefer the look of wood. You can get really creative with the design, and if it is a second story deck, you have no option other than wood.

Consider Using a Professional

If you are watching the budget closely, then you probably assume the best idea is to build the deck or patio yourself, even without being properly trained and experienced. The problem with this plan is that it rarely turns out how you envisioned, you may still need a professional to come in and fix what you have done wrong, you don’t have relationships with vendors that can give you a great deal, and there’s a good chance it will take much longer than you assumed.

At the end of the day, a professional is usually the smartest and most affordable route to take.

Pick Materials that Will Hold Up Well

Another tip is to ensure you are picking materials that will hold up well over time. It may seem like a good idea to buy the cheapest things out there in order to save money, but then you’ll find they won’t last as long and you will spend more on repairs and replacement.

Be Thoughtful in the Design

Finally, you want to be thoughtful with the design and ensure it’s giving you the space and configuration you need in order to make good use out of the space.

Each of these tips will help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your outdoor landscaping project.


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