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What are the High Paying Jobs or College Degrees?

I am happy 😊 that my son is going to college in August. He is taking a course in Electronics Engineering at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. I don't know why he chose this course but I am just here to support him attain a good college education. Hopefully, someday soon he will be well compensated for the years he spent studying.

I don't really know which college degree is best or ends up with the biggest paychecks nowadays. But I guess in this age of technology, most likely the computer "geeks" get the better salaries. Let's see what different researches say about this topic. I looked up some trends in 2018-2019.

Top 5 High Paying College Degrees in the U.S. According to

1. Petroleum engineering. Fresh graduates of petroleum engineering could earn $66,000 to $91,000. Those with 10 years of experience get an annual salary range of $100,000 to $152,000.

2. Statistics. Fresh graduates of Statistics may get a salary range of $42,000 to $66,000. Upon reaching 10 years, the average salary jumps to $77,000 to $112,000.

3. Computer science. Fresh graduates of this degree could take home over $53,000. Those who are on the job for 10 years, generally get an annual salary of over $90,000.

4. Geology. The salary grade depends on the location of employment or U.S. state. Texas pays geologists $49,000 and $92,000. California offers geologists $46,000 to $65,000. Salary is proportionate with experience.

Fresh graduates of Geology earn $35,000 to $52,000. A geologist with over 10 years of experience can earn $52,000 to $73,000 annually.

5. Economics. New Economics college graduates earn $36,000 to $58,0000. Those with ten or more years of experience, earn $82,000 to $122,000 per year.

10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines for Fresh Graduates

According to JobStreet in its 2018 Fresh Graduates Report, these are the jobs of top paid fresh graduates and their corresponding average monthly salary in Philippine peso:

1. Law / Legal Services - P27,355
2. Public Relations / Communications - P24,765
3. Journalism - P22,446
4. Advertising / Media Planning - P22,436
5. Training and Development - P22,371
6. Information Technology - P21,947
7. Human Resources (HR) - P21,462
8. Marketing / Business Development - P21,216
9. Customer Services - P20,340
10. Quality Assurance - P20,333

If you want to know what college degrees people need to take for the above list of jobs, feel free to visit the article linked above.

Top 10 High Paying Jobs in the Philippines

The latest studies that the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) conducted which was reported n February 2019 lists the top 10 high paying jobs in the Philippines and their corresponding salaries. The monthly salaries reflected in the list are dependent on a person's years of experience and competency.

1. Art Director - P69,286
2. Geologist - P64,889
3. Aircraft Pilot, Navigator and Flight Engineer - P57,789
4. Mining Engineer and Metallurgical Engineer - P55,638
5. Computer Programmer - P43,573
6. Systems Analyst and Systems Designer - P42,112
7. Production Supervisor and General Foreman - P36,133
8. Actuarial - P35,480
9. Call Center representative / Customer service associate - P35,424
10. Statistician - P35,010

Top 5 Emerging Jobs in the Philippines this 2019

LinkedIn also published a 2019 Emerging Jobs in the Philippines report. This report mentions 5 job roles that will be in high demand in the Philippines this year. I also listed the minimum educational requirement.

1. Data scientist - BS degree in Computer Science, Physical sciences, Social sciences, or Statistics.
2. Back-end developer - BS degree in Computer Programming or Computer Science.
3. Application development analyst - BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Information Technology.
4. Full-stack engineer - BS degree in Computer Science
5. Sales development representative - A degree in any field is ok. Training in Sales and Customer Service is an advantage. For higher positions, get a degree in Marketing or Business Management.

Based on the above information, having digital or computer skills certainly has an advantage for many of the jobs listed. This list certainly gave me an additional insight as to what to tell my children when they ask me what would be a good college degree since they are growing so fast. Two of them will be in college next year. By the time they graduate, two more will be college.

In my next post, I will talk about some more guidance in choosing a college degree. 🙋


Celebrate Woman said…
It is important to teach each student HOW TO find the sources for job hunting. I remember when I was doing it, and the methods they taught us at the University. Right now, online sources could be exceptionally helpful.
Valerie said…
I think certain fields will always be in demand, such as computers and nurses. College is great for those that want to go. For others, trade school might make more sense.
Agnes Dela Cruz said…
My eldest graduated from College last year and a month after he landed on a job that is related to his degree. It pays well and he is happy and contented. :)
Michael said…
Thanks for the info but I still suggest you target the one you think you'll enjoy doing.
Chin chin said…
It's good that your eldest landed a good-paying job. Thanks for sharing.
Chin chin said…
I agree that not all need to or can afford to go to college. Trade school is indeed a good option, too.
Chin chin said…
Yes. Aside from getting a degree, they should also learn where to find a good job.
Chin chin said…
That is always a consideration, Michael, when a choosing a degree or career to pursue.
Carrie said…
This is really interesting! Personally I couldn't imagine doing any of these jobs though!
melissa cushing said…
Some great jobs ere and my daughter is going into Nursing which is a fabulous career path as well. It is always in demand and they are always needing more nurses... love this and I would do the computer science :)
Mama Maggie's Kitchen said…
I think Technology is really growing fast nowadays and everything depends on it now. My opinion is that it's not about the high paying job but a long term job that you can have and you really love doing.
Chin chin said…
I guess that's why people who do these jobs are highly paid. Not many would like to study these things. I'm also not into these fields.
Chin chin said…
I agree that a job needs to be long-term and something a person would enjoy doing. Definitely, these must be considered before choosing a career.
Nowadays, checking the job trends is important in what career path you want to pursue + your passion with it. Giving focus on niche career pays well.
hyzel planas said…
thank you for helping young student to decide their college course, most especially me coz for now I can't still fully decide what would I get for my college degree so hard to decide coz courses will be my way to reach my own destination in life that is why I think many times in getting courses for me not to lose my own destination in life.

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