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Poem About Friendship (English) and a Poem About the Cell Phone (Filipino)

I've been cleaning up my hard drive because storage space is already very low. While doing so, I found these two images of my son's poems, which he wrote when he was still in Elementary school.

Allow me to share them with you.

The first is about the cellphone, which is written in Filipino. It was probably written way back in 2007 or 2008 (maybe). It's a big issue of whether to give kids cellphone access or not. There are pros and cons so parents need to weigh carefully before giving their children a cellphone of their own.

I don't like my kids to have their own cellphone because of the following (and these are just a few of them):
  • It distracts them from their studies
  • They could neglect their eye health. Eye specialists say that the use of gadgets should be limited. I read somewhere that there must be a break from use every 30 minutes.
  • It reduces their productivity. Instead of doing other important things, they get stuck to playing games or watching videos
  • And if you haven't noticed, it's harder to call them or to ask them to do something, which really irritates me.

Of course, at the proper age when our children are responsible enough, we eventually gave them a cellphone, but with restrictions and constant reminders. Anyways, here's the poem --

Ang Cellpon

Maliit, Magaang
Bigay sa akin
High tech sana pero...
Minsan ako ay parang naguguluhan
Naguguluhan dahil sa nakakaadik na laro
Hindi naman ibig sabihin na ito ay masama
Nagiging masama lang kung mali ang gamit ko.
Okey lang gamitin kung magtetext lang sa magulang
Pwede din sa mga classmate at kaibigan
Basta importante at hindi puro chismisan
Alam mo naman baka maubos kaagad ang aking load
Wala nang pang text -- Receive call lamang.

The second poem is about Friends. It talks about how friends are there no matter what you're going through.


When there are times that you are very sad
Thy friends will come (to) comfort you hand in hand
When you are about to become so mad
Be calm (as) comrades will help across the land
When friends come with you to play fun games
Boring days become filled with happiness
When you get hurt and feel that you are lame
Friends will turn pain into joyfulness
Seeing friends right in front of your face
You feel excited with fond memories
Like the time when you're having a race
Fighting through obstacles and enemies
It's great to have friends who are always there
To be with you any time any where.


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