Common Work-at-Home Jobs That Companies Are Hiring Now

I believe that some people are meant to work from home. There may be situations in your life that warrant you to stay at home most of the time. It could be because you need to care for a sick family member or you need to give special attention to your child. Some people also don't find success in getting a local job that pays well yet gets easily hired online. Whatever it may be, it's good to know that there are many options to have work-at-home jobs now.

The following list of work at home jobs will give you some career ideas that will give you opportunities to earn from home. Most of these legit work at home jobs provide training. Sometimes, the companies hiring positions for these work at home jobs provide a computer and equipment.

1. Call Center Agent 

The two kinds of call center work that you can have. You can be an inbound or outbound call center agent. An inbound call center agent answers phone calls on behalf of a company from his own home phone and computer system. For instance, you can take telephone orders, answer inquiries, and provide customer service. A company that employs call center agents provides training on how to handle calls and will give enough practice sessions and example scenarios.

An outbound call center agent usually takes on a selling position. An employee will be given a list of contacts (leads) to call. During the conversation, the employee will follow a script of typical replies to whatever questions the call receiver may make. The purpose of the call is to try and sell a product or service for the company.

Because it’s a sales job, payment is a certain rate per call or an hourly rate on top of the commission. Expect some pressure in this line of work as reaching strict sales targets may be required. However, the reward is a very good incentive as there is no upper limit. The more you sell, the more income you earn.

2. Call Answering Service

This job is like that of an inbound call center agent. You will be answering calls using your home phone, but not on sales issues. You will be taking messages or transferring calls to the applicable department. Any business may have this job position but mostly doctors' offices, apartment complexes, and other professional service providers have this.

3. Customer Service Operators

The job of customer service operators usually involves taking calls from customers who may need technical support, want to submit a complaint, or need to be connected to the appropriate department.
Training will be provided to know the details of the product or service line the company offers and how to respond to individual queries.

4. Tutoring and Teaching

Online tutors can earn $30-$40 an hour or more. The most popular subjects that need tutoring for exams are the core curriculum subjects. There are also numerous full time and part-time teaching roles for teachers who wish to work from home. “Remote” senior instructors, student support, even elementary teachers are in demand.

5. Online Travel Agent

Though there are still traditional, brick and mortar travel agents, the service is becoming popular in the online world. The job entails providing special deals and helping clients plan their trips. An advantage for online travel agents is the perks being offered.

6. Transcriptionist

The work of transcriptionists involves converting audio recordings, handwritten notes, or other types of communications into written documents. The demand for this service remains strong, and usually exceeds supply.

For busy experts like doctors, lawyers or internet marketers, recording a quick audio file and sending it to a transcriptionist will save a lot of time. Other transcription roles are providing subtitles for the hearing impaired and transcribing audio from movie footage.

7. Bookkeeper / Accountant

Many companies and professionals now hire remote bookkeepers or accountants online to take care of their finance and tax reports. It just simplifies a lot of work for them.

There are other work-at-home jobs available online like data encoders, web searcher and technical support. Many of the presented job roles can be done on a freelance or an employed basis. To find genuine opportunities, browse sites like, and Freelancer. Some companies also offer legitimate work from home jobs. Example of these companies are mentioned below:

  • Convergys
  • SYKES Home
  • Alorica at Home
  • TeleTech at Home
  • Appen

It’s important to note that each of the companies has a little bit of a different set up as compared to each other and to your own business if you start one. But they are a sure way to become a work at home mom or dad.


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