Sisa Monologue Script in English

Last second quarter, my Grade 8 daughter's English class teacher asked them to present a Monologue in class. The teacher asked the students to choose a character on whom they want to base their monologue. My daughter chose Sisa of Noli Me Tangere.

The problem is that most of the Sisa monologue Script that can be found on the internet are in Filipino or Tagalog. You can't find one in English. Well, there's one but it was very, very short, just one paragraph, I think. And so, we had no choice but to make a Sisa monologue script in English.

It's not required for the students to make their own script and so I helped my daughter produce one. I just looked up a good Sisa script in Tagalog online and translated it. Thank God for Google Translate as it helped me do 50% of the work. The Google translation was not 100% accurate, so I still had to edit it.

Here's the final script (515 words), which I want to share with you (and other people looking for Sisa
monologue Script in English). You can also download a pdf file of the script.

I'm Sisa, a simple housewife. My husband always mistreated me but what can I do? I love him, I can't leave him even if I'm afraid of him too. I have two angels, Crispin and Basilio. They are kind and loving. As a mom, I'm proud of them! Oh, it’s almost Christmas and they are coming home. I haven't seen them for a week. They must be very hungry. I'll cook them a meal. I wonder how they are? Are they eating enough? Have they learned to read?
After I prepared dinner, my husband came. He ate everything I cooked and then left. Oh my two angels. What should I do? What food will Crispin and Basilio eat?
Then I heard a knock on the door. A fearful voice called to me. That's Basilio's voice! When I opened the door, I saw my eldest son with lots of wounds on his body. I immediately wiped him and treated his wounds. I wanted to ask Where's Crispin? Why does he look like that? What happened to his brother? But he had to rest. 
Basilio just drank water and fell asleep. Poor child. He’s only a young child yet he suffered a lot. When I heard him moan, I woke him. What really happened to my two angels?
I visited the convent to ask about Crispin. But what are they saying? My Crispin, a thief? My Basilio, a criminal? That's not true! We are poor but we are good people! I want to defend my children but what can I do?. I’m just a woman, an uneducated woman. I need to go to Basilio. Why did the guards arrest him? Where is my Crispin? If he escaped - where is he?
When I got home, two civilian guards were there. They asked me about my children. They are forcing me to answer but I have nothing to say. I have not yet seen Crispin. I don't even know where Basilio is now. I was told to go to a place where they would ask me questions. It was humiliating being treated like a criminal!
Crispin? Basilio? Where are you, my children? Crispin? Basilio? Come home? Crispin? Basilio? Where are you? Come home, my children. I’m so worried about you! Crispin! Basilio! I need to find my children, but why did they arrest me? They’re saying I’m crazy. No, I'm not crazy. I have to find my two angels. Don't worry, Crispin… Basilio… mom will find you. Just wait.
Wherever I was, I was harshly treated. When I didn't obey, I got hit with a whip. I don't know how many days I've been here. Oh what time is it? I have to find Crispin and Baslio. Oh good, I finally got out. I will find you…Crispin… Basilio…I'm here now!
I’m so tired and weak. I want to sleep. But no! I have to find my children! Crispin! Basilio! Crispin! Basilio! I’m sorry I didn’t do anything.  I couldn't protect myself ... I couldn’t protect you.  Crispin! Basilio! Where are you? Wherever you are, I hope you’re well.
Here's a video recording of my daughter's presentation but the recording starts in the middle of the first paragraph already. If you'll notice she did a lot of ad libs. She did not have a lot of time to memorize the script, but she did just fine. Praise God.

I hope the script can help you in your presentation.


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