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15 Things You Can Learn About Self-Care From Your Kids

Hey, mom! Do you take good care of yourself? You might reply "Of course, I do." Well, you think you do, but it's possible that the level of care you're giving yourself is far from what it is supposed to be. Circumstances and many other reasons may be preventing you from spending more time on yourself. Do you agree with me?

Or you still think you're not struggling with self-care? If you say yes to one or more of the following list of statements, then you need to make a more conscious effort at taking care of yourself.

  • You always find yourself putting the needs of another person ahead of your own.
  • You look subpar and you have a habit of wearing "wash and wears."
  • You don't have a circle of close friends.
  • You feel unfulfilled even if you have a home and money.
  • You don't exercise.
  • You feel life is a chore and you don't find joy in your day-to-day moments.

If you answered yes to any of the statements above, you've got to admit that you're most likely struggling with some area in your self-care. Now, don't worry. You can easily learn what you can do to improve on your self-care even by just watching your kids.

Kids know some important facts on keeping their bodies and minds in good shape. See what 15 things you can learn about self-care from your kids.

Kids Like to Have Fun

1. Play games. Playing games with your kids adds fun to your day. So, plan the fun activities you can do even if you have lots of things to do.

2. Laugh. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Kids love to watch cartoons and cat videos to have some laughs. Why don't you? You can also tell jokes or funny stories to your family and friends.

3. Enjoy food. It's okay to pamper yourself once in a while. And if you're trying to follow a diet, be sure to eat something you like or enjoy and you're more likely to stick to it.

4. Sing and dance. Music is a good stress reliever. Even with tedious tasks, playing music makes them less burdensome. Create a playlist for routine work and household chores. To start each with more energy, you can also sing in the shower.

5. Go barefoot. Give your feet a break and remove your shoes when you can. You can also treat yourself to a pedicure and foot massage.

Kids are Always Taking Risks

6. Don't be afraid to try new things. Our kids did not stop trying even though they fell many times when they were learning to walk. So, we also should not be afraid to try to do things that we've not done before. It's great to learn new things from new experiences.

7. Give time for friends. Kids love to play with their friends. This helps them grow and learn and be happy. Though a mom's schedule can be really busy with a lot of things to do at home and take care of the kids, there should be a time scheduled for dates with friends. It helps to relieve stress and keep sane. It could be just a lunch out with a friend or go to the gym for an hour workout.

8. Speak up. Most kids would speak up if they have something in their mind or they need something. However, not all people are like that. I still have to tell some of my kids to speak up if they want to be understood. I am also a person who does not openly speak up. But I try to let others know what I really think especially my husband. Try to have deep conversations with your loved ones and contribute to meetings you attend, whether social or business in nature.

9. Be creative. Parents and teachers usually give kids something to do with different art forms. Why don't you try it sometimes? You may rediscover that you actually love finger painting or metal crafting. You could also try writing a novel or making spoken poetry.

10. Be active. See how children keep moving all through the day. Grown-ups should try to do the same. Make it a regular habit to work out.

11. Be enthusiastic. Sometimes, it feels awkward to appreciate your looks or achievements. But it's a good thing to give yourself a sincere compliment to brighten your day. So give yourself a round of applause for finishing a task before moving forward.

12. Learn to say NO. It helps to learn to say a toddler's favorite two-letter word - NO. Set limits and implement them. Tell others how you want to be treated. Say no to projects that are in conflict with your primary goals.

13. Don't be shy to ask for help. There are things you can't do on your own. So you've got to be willing to accept help from others like your family, friends, and colleagues. Times will come when you will need the support of others like when your health demands it or when you are facing a problem.

14. Relax. Recess is not just the favorite subject of kids only. Adults like it and need it too. So take a break from work or chores to reduce stress and increase your productivity.

15. Share your blessings. Most kids are happy to share their toys. Sharing your strength and resources with others could enhance your happiness and wellbeing. Make time to volunteer in your community and support worthy projects. It may be as simple as picking up litter or helping the neighbor do yard work.

Children may not be totally independent when it comes to taking care of themselves. However, they surely know a thing or two about self-care that moms (and dads) can learn. Practice self-care by allocating some regular me time in your hectic schedule. You'll like the feeling of being more connected to yourself and others.


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