Easy Arts and Crafts Kids Can Do at Home

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Hey! I hope that your family is safe despite the COVID-19 outbreak. It's not easy to stay home, but that is the best way to lower the risk of contracting the virus. Do yourself a favor - stay home and you will keep yourself and other people safer.

Now, because of the current situation, kids need something to do to keep them busy inside the home. I remember when my children were still very young (toddlers and preschoolers), I always look for some fun activities for them to do that would calm them down. You know kids - especially the boys - they always seem to be energetic and would like to play and move around.

But if I want them to quiet down a bit, I would give them something to do with their hands. Playing with some types of toys can work. But usually, simple art and craft projects will also do the trick. There are more benefits to doing crafts than just getting the children to slow down. It helps them to develop longer attention spans and better hand-eye coordination. The kids also learn how to follow simple instructions.

Little kids love to draw and color. So, with just a pen and paper, they could get busy for a while. See the drawing below? That picture on the left is my 3 1/2-year-old daughter's drawing

Sooner or later, kids will get tired of drawing except if they really like drawing a lot. Well, not all kids (moms as well) are naturally artsy, so it's better to have other easy art activities for them to do. That is why I'm glad to find and share a site like Creative Fabrica. There are literally thousands of printables that moms can find here that some if not all kids would love to do. Let me mention some of them.

1. Coloring books and pages 

For the very young ones, there are a wide variety of children's coloring books and pages to choose from - dogs, unicorns, animals, vehicles, mother's day coloring pages and so much more. You can buy individual or bundle pages and download these printables instantly. Check out the 30-page coloring book below.

I was not able to find Color by number pages, which my daughter, Kristel, liked to color as a child. Nevertheless, you can simply transform any coloring page into a color by number page by adding the numbers manually.

2. Decorative Paper for Origami

This craft is for older kids. My son Yuan enjoyed creating origami (art made by folding paper) way back in grade school (2012). He only used plain paper and painted them with crayons or watercolor.

I have seen some origami tutorial videos on YouTube where people use decorative paper for making origami. It would be really nice to get some background design at Creative Fabrica (like the one below) and print them out on paper to be used to make origami.

3. Scrapbooking backgrounds and embellishments

Even young kids can do this with the supervision of a parent. As mentioned above, there are many beautiful printable backgrounds and graphics at Creative Fabrica. These can also be used by those who are fond of scrapbooking.

4. Cross-Stitching patterns

I was amazed to find some cross-stitching patterns from Creative Fabrica just like the one in the picture below. There are a variety of designs available so that beginners to expert cross-stitchers can find a pattern that they like.

5. Paper Crafts 

There are a lot of other papercraft projects that the kids can make, for instance, paper dolls, greeting cards, and bookmarks. See the sample printables available on the site.

These bookmarks can be further personalized by adding a name or a short quote.

Having a site like Creative Fabrica as a go-to resource for creative projects is very valuable. Purchasing only individual items as needed is a good option but getting the unlimited access to all of the coloring pages + everything else on the site with their All Access Subscription plan is more cost-effective.

Get a free sample of their Home Crafting bundle. It includes 24 Premium Graphics including coloring pages for kids and adults and craft templates. It is only available for two months more (as of this writing), so get your free printables now. It's very timely to get this download so the kids can do something while staying home during the COVID-19 community quarantine.

Crafting can help you manage your kids especially if they are toddlers. Seize the opportunity to encourage the creativity of your kids.


World in Eyes said…
This time it is very important to engage our kids in creative activities, you post is a wonderful package to involve kids in positive and creative activities.
Marysa said…
Those are fun ideas for crafts. Thanks for sharing your ideas! It is nice to have ways to keep the kids busy.
Aditi said…
Love the ideas, I am sure kids will enjoy most of them. I and my son love painting abstracts, we don't plan anything, we just pick up colours and start painting whatever comes to our minds.

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