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How Do You Keep Yourself from Boredom When You Need to Stay Home?

I actually have no problem with staying at home. Perhaps because I am an introvert and I grew up a homebody. I can always find something to do while at home.

But some people just can't stay at home. They get bored easily. I think my sister is like that. Now, what can people like my sister do if there's no other option but to stay home? (This is really the case today with the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Well, here's a list of things you can do while you are forced to stay at home. (By the way, some of the links shared in this post are my affiliate links. If you get the products through my link, there's no added cost to you.)

Start a project that you've always wanted to do but had no chance of doing it yet.

Your project can be anything like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You and your family can do this and you'll have a few hours to spend bonding with each other. I remember one panda bear puzzle that my children and I did one summer about 10 years ago. It took us a few days to finish that puzzle, but it was worth it. We framed it after we finished it. We don't have it now with us because we left it to our friends in Saudi Arabia.

It would be really nice to do another puzzle. I saw this 200 piece Frozen puzzle and it looks like a good project that my girls probably would want to do.

Another good project you can do is to write a book. Maybe you've been dreaming of publishing your own book. Perhaps you have a DIY project in mind like upcycling some clothes or creating a home decor from recyclable materials. Now's your chance to get started.

Express Your Creative Side

Now is a great opportunity to try your hand on something new (or even old) creative hobbies. For example, I like cross-stitching and it's been a while since I last created one. I saw my daughter doing a cross-stitch project recently. I guess she likes cross-stitching like I do. If you like this hobby, too, here are some cross-stitch patterns.

If you get your mind focused on doing something nice, you seem to forget the predicament you're in and you'll be less affected by the negativity around you. Whatever is that creative project, it could help you to just relax.

Here's a list of some creative outlets you might like to try. You can do it right away if you have the supplies at home.

  1. Learn painting. You can try oil painting, watercolor painting, acrylic painting or spray painting
  2. Color. Adult coloring books are still popular as a stress reliever for many people.
  3. Practice drawing. You can draw a favorite character or just doodle what you can think of.
  4. Singing or playing the piano, guitar, or other musical instruments
  5. Challenge yourself to take photos or videos of anything every day
  6. Make improvements to some of the things that are just lying around the house.
  7. Practice your handwriting or try calligraphy. SkillShare offers many classes on calligraphy.
  8. Answer sudoku puzzles, word searches or other activity books
  9. Read a book and write a review of the book. This is best if you're a bookworm. For sure, reading could take your mind off the bad news that is happening in the world
  10. Cook a new dish. If you have kids, you can do it with them. It will be fun and you get to teach them a valuable skill.
  11. Origami. My son was crazy over this one time in his young life. I still have some of his origami creations.
  12. Cardmaking. Why not make greeting cards in advance for your family and friends? You can make them birthday cards, Christmas cards, or just any greeting card.

Want to learn some of the creative skills above? Join SkillShare, an online learning platform where there are thousands of classes available. Take advantage of its free two-months membership offer and start watching online classes now.

Sign-up to SkillShare and Get Two Free Months Premium Membership. 

Exercise Without Going to the Gym

Well, you can't go out, right? And gyms are closed.

Anyway, now you have plenty of time to exercise, albeit only at home. Even if you have no fancy workout equipment, you can still exercise by choosing the type of activity you like.

You can choose exercises like body squats, jumping jacks, planking or push-ups. Or you can do zumba and aerobic dancing. If you don't like dancing, you can try kickboxing or taebo. How about pilates or yoga? There are plenty of videos on YouTube, even on Facebook, that you can watch and follow.

Engage in Fun and Entertaining Activities

Find something to do that is just pure fun. My girls have been re-discovering the gameboards we have at home. They played Monopoly and sungka lately. Sungka is not a board game but it's fun to play this game. See how in the video below.

You can also play video games, whether using a console or just your smartphone. But a word of caution: Be sure to put a time limit to your playing as it can be addictive. Playing too long, especially on a smartphone or even on a computer screen, could hurt your eyes. So, take a rest after a while.

Of course, the easiest means of relaxation is watching movies or TV shows.  There's nothing wrong to chill this way together with your spouse and kids. But set a time limit as well so that you can stay productive and do what you need to do.

What's important during this unique time and situation is to spend time with your family. If in the past, you rarely make time with your loved ones, now is the time to catch up with them.

You can engage in an activity together or just talk. Talk about anything. Maybe about your next vacation.

So, while you still have to stay at home, find activities that you’re passionate about and direct your attention there and enjoy. The home may actually be your happy place. 


Robert said…
There's all kinds of things to do and new projects one can start during this down time at home. My wife enjoys gardening and adult coloring! I have a home gym and we take extra walks with our dog each day!
Adrienne said…
We've been getting a lot of things done around the house that we wouldn't have otherwise had the time for. Trying to look at it as a blessing in disguise.
Erika Ramona said…
Aside from all the other housework, I actually have more time to practice and play my bass again, lol.

Fortunately, this long period of lockdown and compulsion is over, but it was good to see the many ideas to overcome boredom, always valid.
Unknown said…
Those are some great ideas. I have struggled with boredom so much lately.
Holly Hood said…
These are some great suggestions. When I'm not working I painted a room and I have been making jewelry. I also have some adult coloring books that I need to pull out.
You posted some really good ideas. I have a lot of hobbies, so I haven't got bored yet, but I can see this being an issue if you have kids.

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