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30 Creative Business Ideas That Will Make You More Money

I wish I am a creative person. My sister is the one in the family with creative talents. She sings, she plays the piano, she acts, she draws and makes designs. When it comes to making money, there are several options for a creative person like her.

If you're a creative person, you just need to explore how you can capitalize on your talents. Take a look at some of these business ideas you can start at home. What's great about these business ideas is the pursuit of something you love doing and making money at the same time. 

There are 30 creative business ideas on this post. However, I did not include business ideas specifically for creative writers. Perhaps that will be for another post. 

1. Arts Studio

Teach art classes like painting, drawing or doodling. The joy of helping someone learn the skill and the craft is beyond compare.

2. Art and Crafts supplier

Sell art kits that you are particularly interested in.

3. Sell Art Collectibles

If you really love painting, drawing, or coloring using any style or media, you can make and sell your artwork.

4. Card Making

You can customize cards and sell them to people who want to give them as gifts. You can do this without spending much upfront.

5. Printable Seller

Design planners, journals or stickers and sell them as printables on print on demand sites or as digital downloads.

6. Coloring Book Designer

Whether children's coloring books or adult coloring books, there is a big demand for creating these products.

7. Logo Designer

Create logo designs for businesses, organizations, and website owners.

8. Graphics Designer

You can make designs for t-shirts, mugs or pillowcases, create the products and sell them. You can also use print on demand sites for starters.

9. Calligrapher

Your skill in handwriting is precious. Many brides and grooms to be are looking for you to customize their invitations.

10. Scrapbook Designer

Do you love scrapbooking? Create and sell customized scrapbooks or design scrapbooking kits for sale.

11. Caricature / Portrait Artist

I've seen this really nice artwork. Many people are willing to pay to have their caricatures or portraits done. 

12. Jewelry Making 

Make fashion accessories made from different materials, such as ceramics, beads, polymer clay, crystals and iron.

13. Wood Work

If you're a champion of carving wood or making objects using wood, you can make a lot of things like children’s toys or furniture.

14. Basket Weaving

Many people still adore these homemade decorations for their homes.

15. Pottery making

Visit Etsy and you'll see all sorts of handmade pottery for sale - mugs, platter, bowl, candle holder and decorative items. 

16. Tie-Dye Making

The tie-dye business is still a popular at-home business. You can sell tie-dye kits or create tie-dye shirts, dress, bags and other products for sale.

17. Knitting

Not everyone can patiently do this. Make knitted scarves, caps, sweaters, cardigans, and table cloths. 

18. Quiltmaker

If you like making quilts, why not sell them? They sell at high prices. You could also sell quilt patterns if you create your own patterns.

19. Custom Embroidery

Design embroidery patterns and sell them together with an embroidery kit, or offer custom embroidery on pillowcases, towels, or clothing.

20. Cross-stitching

Design cross-stitch patterns and sell kits, at the same time, offer to make a cross-stitch project for a fee for those who are quite busy. 


21. Balloon sculpting

This is something you can do for parties to entertain the kids. The start-up cost is very minimal.

22. Face painting

This is another fun idea to do during kids' parties, especially when the kids have come in their own costumes.

23. Tattoo artist

This is definitely a work of art, which many people pay for. 

24. Photography

You might think that photography is just your hobby. But it is certainly a very profitable business as well. You can start by shooting images and selling them online. Later, as your become more of an expert, you can have your own photo studio.

25. Dance teacher

If you are skilled as a dancer, you might want to teach dancing, too. My little girls joined a ballet class years ago and paid their ballet dance teacher around P300 per one-hour session. 

26. Music teacher

Offer voice lessons, piano lessons, or lessons on playing any other musical instrument. 

27. Performing Artist - Voice, Instruments, Dance

You must really love your craft as this requires more commitment to be able to perform in front of the stage. 

28. Voice-Over Artist

You don't have to be good singer to be a voice-over artist. But you need to have a well-modulated voice just like those on the radio network.

29. Candle Making 

There are all sorts of candles in high demand - for religious reasons and decorative purposes. Know the basics and a few more tricks to make scented candles, aromatherapy candles, and decorative candles to be successful.

30. Soap Making

Just like candle making, this is also very popular. Make your soap product stand out and you'll find success. 

That's 30 great options for your new home business. If you're going to try to make a living out of any on the list, be sure to have fun doing it so that it will be longer-lasting. 


Rose world said…
I am not a creative and crafty person. Other than cooking, blogging and photography, I dont have much hobby.
Mom Knows Best said…
This is a good list. I will share it with my friends who are looking for a way to sell their art.
Anonymous said…
What wonderful ideas. A lot of those things I haven't even thought of! I've done the card-making, jewelry making, and a couple others but you bring out so much more than that! Thank you.
There seem to be quite a few different options mainly based in artistic areas. Art is very popular. In fact, I need some for my home.
Melanie Edjourian
Great list! what I really love about the it is that even if you don't actually make money out of it everything is useful at your home and life
Jhangi said…
These tips and ideas sounds very interesting and helpful one..great work though..glad you shared this with us...found it very helpful...
This post made me smile because it feels like if the world has done a full 180 degrees when it comes to arts and crafts. In other words, arts and crafts seem to be the new gold.
JD Gonemad said…
Most from the list requires skills and creativity. Nice list though.
Jessi Joachim said…
I am always down for making new money. I am not sure crafty, but I make extra money with freelance writing which has been really great.
Nyxie said…
I'm all for doing some tie-dye! I used to use bleach to dye old shirts years ago and I'd love to get back into it.
Sudipta said…
This is such a wonderful list of creative careers. At a time when so many people are looking at alternative careers of part-time income, this list is very helpful.
Ceci Rey said…
This is an amazing list! Great suggestions to make money...especially in the world today! 🍕👓🚢
Rachel said…
What really great ideas! I love it!
Lisa said…
This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I’ve been looking for some new ways to make more money on the side. This is so helpful.

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