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How Do You Manage Homeschooling Your Child and Working?

Most people think that only stay at home moms can homeschool their kids. But I think that even working moms can choose to homeschool their kids. It's not gonna be easy but it is still doable.

This is a big question nowadays because the pandemic has forced many schools to adopt the #NewNormal learning from home scheme. Who is supposed to guide the children in their education if the teachers have limited contact? If a child has the capability for independent learning, then this setup will work. But not all children can do this. 

I have five children and their capability for independent learning varies. My youngest is already in sixth grade, so I thought I don't have to be around that much to help them in their studies. But they still ask me about their lessons from time to time especially the one who needs more help with Math.

A parent or guardian has to give time to help their children with a learn from home setup. So, how can it be possible if both parents need to go to work?

Here are a few suggestions on how to juggle work and homeschooling: 

1) Work From Home

When I homeschooled my kindergarteners, I was a full-time mom. But I am currently working from home and have flexible work time. I am able to attend to my children when needed. However, I still have to make adjustments. The same is true for working parents, but the adjustments would be more sizeable.

The key is time management and organization. A working mom's homeschool routine would require:

  • Sufficient time to prepare lesson plans, activities, and testing times. You can choose to do this at night or any time you're free. 
  • Set time for teaching lessons and going through your child's completed assignments. This can be set with consideration of your child's age and ability to work on their own.

If you need to work on your home business or online job, after the discussion of lessons, you can do some work while your child does some seatwork or homework items. 

2) Teach Your Child The Night Before

I guess, the child also needs to make time adjustments. If you know you will be working in the morning hours due to the needs of your clients or place of employment, you could review the next day’s lesson with your child in the evening. 

The next day, your child can do assignments and tests while you are at work.

This option is only workable with older children who do not need direct supervision and will be responsible in ensuring the academic work is completed and television watching is not happening. Reviewing the expectations of your child and supporting them in their independence of learning is a great benefit to their learning as critical thinkers.

3) Find Other Homeschooling Families

If there are other homeschooling families in the area where you live, you could possibly pick up a part-time job and do trade-offs with other parents with children of the same age. You can work together on the curriculum, and while you are working, your child can be supervised by another homeschooling parent.

There must be a give and take in this. So maybe if you have the weekends off, you can plan outings with the kids in relation to the area of academics they are studying. This way you still can support the family, while still having time with your child and being active in his or her education.

It takes commitment from the entire family to make homeschooling work for everyone involved, including the child being homeschooled. There would be many days of sacrifices, but if homeschooling your child is the only choice, you can still make it work. 

How are you and your children doing in your current schooling setup?


Mom Knows Best said…
It can be hard for working parents to do online school with their kids. My kids are in middle school so they need little help but it still makes it hard for me to focus on work.,
AiringMyLaundry said…
This can be tricky! I am so glad my daughter went back to school. I am able to focus much easier now.

A friend of mine who has a son who goes to middle school is going crazy. She works from home, not for the covid, but always and her son is a naughty boy who does what he wants and if he doesn't always stare at him, he doesn't follow the lessons. He can't wait to go back to school because this is hell!
Julia Hess said…
I could not imagine homeschooling and trying to work from home. Luckily both my boys are still toddlers and we haven't come to this hurdle. I definitely agree with number 3 it is easier when you have support.
Anne Marie said…
This is such a great resource, especially during a time when children may be pulled out of school at any moment! You give some great tips for families who are favoring home learning this year. We've homeschooled for a long time and love the flexibility.
The only thing I am thankful for not having kids yet is that I don't get to homeschool. it sounds horrid
Silvia said…
We are definitely struggling to find a balance on all this craziness, two things have helped though, my husband is in charge of the school with the kids, I'm in charge of the business. English is my second language so this is better for us. And I have to let go of the thoughts of having a schedule, that doesn't work for my husband and kids activities. So as long as the school is done, even if it is at 9 pm at night we are good.
Prime Beauty said…
Wow, that would be incredibly hard, I admire you so much!

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