Merry ang Pasko Dahil Kay Kristo

Hi everyone!

I just want to greet all of you a Merry Christmas!

I know that many people feel that Christmas this year is just not the same. I do since we really didn't get the chance to do the usual things as in the past years. We didn't go to our parent's house or be with other family and friends this year. No strolling in the mall or eating out with my children as some of them are still below the age limit allowed to go inside the malls or anywhere else. 

As I reflect on the current circumstances, it's really better to just stay home. It feels safer and keeps away the worry that the virus will creep up on you or your family. It's also less expensive as going out usually means spending on something like food or items you see displayed in shops. 

Also, this time makes you really think about what is Christmas really about. Christmas is not about the decors, the carols, the gifts, the delicious meals, or the reunions, although those things aren't bad at all. 

Christmas is about remembering the love and grace of God when He gave us Jesus, the Savior who later died and rose again so that we can be free from sin and death. Truly, Jesus is the greatest gift that anyone who truly believes can receive.

I pray that your life will be filled with the love, joy, peace and hope that Jesus Christ gives to everyone who believes in Him and what He has done. 

Indeed, Christmas continues to be merry because of Christ (merry and Pasko dahil kay Kristo). 

Have a blessed Christmas!


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