Grade 9-10 Art and Craft Projects

The second quarter of this year's no face-to-face classes is almost over. But I noticed that my two girls who are in grades 9 and 10 had fewer art and craft projects than usual. (I'll share just four projects in this post.)

That doesn't mean, though, that they did not have a lot of projects and homework. Actually, in other subject areas (not Art or MAPEH), they still did projects that require their creativity i.e writing poems, making posters, presentations, etc.

Okay, that's enough chit-chat. Let's talk about the art projects.

1. Architectural Collage

This first project is a simple one -- obviously about learning ancient Greek architecture. I like what my grade 9 daughter did in using a vintage map as a background for the collage. I also like the cut and paste of letters from magazines. Very nice.

greek architectural collage

Though I don't often see this type of architecture, I could say that there are structures like that here. I remember seeing this building style when we visited the National Museum of Fine Arts. See the picture below:

2. Painting with Natural Dyes

This is another grade 9 project. The teacher's instruction was to find a primitive or prehistoric painting that the students are to imitate using 3 colors of natural dye. 

So, I helped my daughter look for something available in the house that can be used for painting. 

  • For black color, she used powdered charcoal dispersed in a little water. 
  • For brown color, she used spent coffee grounds dispersed in hot water.
  • For the orange color, she used chili-garlic oil.
Next, she looked for a primitive painting. She found this one and went to work. 

What do you think about her version of the ancient deer? It's not as magnificent as the original painting, but I think she did well.

natural dye painting primitive art

3. Silhouette Painting 

This one is my grade 10 daughter's project. Unlike the #2 art project that had specific instructions about the coloring medium, this one did not require any. 

My daughter simply used what was available, an old set of oil pastel. I don't think that our family is really gifted with art skills, but I'm just happy with how this project turned out.

silhouette painting

4. Headdress Using Recycled Materials

This project was not really for art class. But it is very artsy. The teacher asked her grade 10 students to make a headdress for a god/goddess inspired by the pandemic. The additional instruction is to use recyclable materials.

So, the first step my daughter did was to think of a goddess that is appropriate during this time of the pandemic. She thought of a "diyosa ng pagkakaisa", which means goddess of unity. 

The idea came from the unity being displayed by people from all sectors of the community, extending help to the health workers as well as those who need material and financial assistance when community lockdown was implemented.

The next step she did was to look for an image that depicts unity. She found the image of a man and a woman holding on to each other and reaching out to nature (the leaves). 

To make the headdress, she used the base material from the Peking Opera headdress she made before, so that saved her time and effort. The other steps of making the headdress are:
  • Printed the unity image and cut it out.
  • Covered the image with silver - reused old gift wrapping paper.
  • Painted a cardboard green then cut it out to fit the base of the headdress.
  • Attached the silver-covered image on the green cardboard.
  • Folded chocolate candy foil wrappers into shapes of petals or leaves and stapled them around the outer edge of the cardboard.
See the finished headdress.

recycled headdress

Here is my daughter modeling the headdress she made with a matching simple dress and a green scarf as a belt.

I'm not sure if there will be more art and craft projects for the rest of the school year. I'll be sure to post them if my daughters make any. I hope these projects has given you some creative ideas.


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