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How Do You Say "Thank You"? Here are 13 Ways

One of the most important phrases that every person should regularly say is "thank you." This phrase should not just be heard during Thanksgiving Day but every day. Do you agree?

With those two words, you show how much you appreciate a kind gesture or service somebody did for you. Just saying these powerful words can make a difference in someone's day. 

Want to try different ways of expressing gratitude? Keep reading and see how you can say "thanks" in 13 different ways.

1. Just smile

Have you noticed? When you show your gratitude with a smile, almost surely the other person will smile back. In case a person is in a bad mood,  a smile may just change that and turn it into a good day after all.

2. Send a note

Are you shy? If you are, you may find it a lot easier to show how you feel in writing. If writing is not your cup of tea, then just write a short note saying how thankful you are. You don't have to write beautiful prose or poetry. Your heartfelt words will mean a lot to the person.


3. Buy a special gift

Try to find a little something that you can give as a token of your gratitude. If you're not sure what to give a person, try buying them coffee or some chocolates. Most people like these. Or you can ask their friends what is a good gift. 

4. Invite them out

Spending time with someone is a great way to say "thank you." Have a dinner out or do something that you both enjoy. That would surely be fun and memorable. 

5. Share your story

Tell other people about the good things someone has done for you. That someone will feel elated upon hearing how highly you're speaking of him/her. Better yet, brag about him or her in front of other people. This will give a big boost to their reputation and confidence as well. 

6. Give a favor 

Let the person know that he/she can ask any favor from you. Even a small favor can be a big deal to someone in need. 

7. Gift of Subscription

If a person is always doing something nice for you, think about giving a them a subscription to their favorite magazine or a book club. You could prepay a subscription so they could enjoy these perks every month.

8. Buy them a ticket to an event 

If you know that a local concert or show can bring so much happiness to someone, why not buy them tickets? They will love you for it.

9. Give to a charity 

What is your recipient passionate about? Find out and then make a monetary gift to an appropriate charitable organization under their name. 

10. Add your personal touch 

When you add a personal touch to your "thank you" gift, the person will see the thoughtfulness and appreciate it more. You can give a homemade gift - something handcrafted like a card or create a photo slideshow. Make something sentimental that genuinely demonstrates your gratitude. 

11. Give a call

Sometimes what you just need to do to let someone know you appreciate him/her is to give a phone call. Try also to be a friend. So, aside from calling to say "thank you," it would be a good idea to give a call regularly just to know how they're doing.

12. Give a gift certificate 

If you cannot decide what perfect thank you gift to give, why not give a gift certificate. Your recipient can just go shopping in-store or online to get something they like using the gift certificate. That way you know that they will surely enjoy the gift.


13. Bake some goodies 

Do you love to bake? You can use this talent of yours to sweeten the way you show your gratitude. Almost everyone likes delicious, homemade treats. 

Try these ideas or perhaps come up with something else to express your gratitude to people. If you go the extra mile, people will recognize your genuine gratitude. You will be remembered for a long time to come. Strengthen the important relationships in your life today. Say "thank you" in a special and meaningful way.


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