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Plan Your Life and Business Bundle Sale Plus Bonus Offers

This post contains affiliate links.

Hi. How are you? How's your business? It's almost the end of the year again and many people are already planning for next year. 

I have been in the business of freelance writing for a long while now. But I have also tried adding other streams of income like blogging, affiliate marketing and selling on Etsy and Amazon KDP. 

What helped push me into these other income streams I got from buying a bundle sale. I think the very first bundle purchase I made was from BC stack in 2017. I paid $27 for that bundle which has 65 products in it.

Since then, I've been on the lookout for other bundle sales. I particularly like PLR Bundle Sales because the bundle usually includes products that come with commercial rights, which means I can use them quickly to add content to my blog or create products for sale. I also like these bundles for the courses that are offered in them with PLR rights. I learn from the courses first then I can sell them.

The latest bundle that is available today is brought together by Jenn of The Plan Your Life and Business Bundle has 44 products in it for a low price of $37. If you buy the bundle, you can choose which products you want to claim. Even if you don't claim all 44 products, and just get some, it's still a great deal.

What can you get for $37? (Planners, journals, coloring pages, activity pages, stickers, courses, and workbooks worth $1319)

  1. Desktop Wallpaper Templates
  2. Modern Pixies Line Art Images PLR Pack
  3. Flower Power Coloring Page Designs
  4. Christmas Gnomes – Kids Activity Pages
  5. Word Search Build Your Puzzle Biz Pack
  6. Terms and Word Associations Wordsearch Puzzles
  7. Illustrative Digital Paper pack
  8. Creative Soul Artz Background Bundle
  9. Product Planner
  10. PLR Subscriptions Management Planner
  11. Ambitious Entreprenuer's Sanity Saving Workbook and Planner
  12. 30 Days Boost Your Marketing Strategy Planner
  13. My Side-Hustle SUCCESS Planner Templates
  14. Golden Plum Design Kit and Productivity Planner Pack
  15. Building Your Business Around Your Lifestyle
  16. Take Time Away From Your Biz training
  17. Email Marketing Digital Planner & Workbook
  18. Blog Business Plan Workbook
  19. Content & Business Planner
  20. Time Management for Better Productivity 4 Week Ecourse
  21. B/W Floral Financial Planner 2022
  22. Manage Your Credit Card Debt PLR
  23. Job Search Planner
  24. Thanksgiving Made Simple Planning Guide
  25. Everything is Under Control....Christmas Planner
  26. Winter Wonderland Christmas Digital Stickers
  27. Llama Birthday Tracker Template PLR
  28. 2022 Pumpkin Floral Calendar
  29. 2022 Flamingo Monthly Planner
  30. 2022 Dated Weekly Planner Pack
  31. 2022 Creative Living PLR Planner & Calendar
  32. 5 Fantastic Ways to Answer the Dreaded Question: What's For Dinner
  33. Master Your Menu: 7 Steps to Planning Your Meals on a Budget
  34. Yoga Journal
  35. 30 Day Move Challenge & Journal
  36. My Cozy Planner
  37. Winter Bliss Journal
  38. Dream Interpretation Journal
  39. Growth Mindset Niche Pack
  40. Productivity Planner
  41. Zodiac Digital Workbook For 2022
  42. Selfcare Boho Journal & Planner Commercial PLR Printable Templates
  43. Stop the Self-Care Guilt: A 31-Day Self-Care Tracker
  44. Self-care planner for busy moms

Add $12 More...

and you get Videos and Written Reports by Community Leaders on how to use the products in the bundle, which are easily worth $197+.

Learn how to 
  • Use Google Slides to edit and create desktop wallpapers
  • Use Powerpoint to combine backgrounds & digital papers to make new planners or journals
  • Create new books for print without editing a single page! 
  • Using Canva to turn a planner template into a lead magnet for your own business
  • Use the Master Slide to quickly make changes at one time.
  • Implement a productivity planner to blow your business out of the water
  • Deciding to make a time-based or evergreen planner
  • How to turn one product into many
Get this bundle now before the sale is gone. It will only be available until November 12th! 

Want Bonuses?

Why not? Check the different affiliate marketers below who are offering bonuses if you buy this bundle through their link.

NOTE: I don't know their exact affiliate links to the bundle offer. Sign up for their newsletter if you want to find out their affiliate link to the bundle. Or you can simply contact them on their sites.

1. Faith Lee of For Mommies by Mommy

Faith is giving three bonuses worth $81 if you buy through her link.

1) Floral Calendar 2021 PLR in PowerPoint ($37 Value)

2) 15 Planner Background Frames ($17 Value) + Video lesson on how to use them to customize PLR products quickly

3) Video tutorial on how to customize both the Financial Planner that I have contributed along with the Floral Calendar to create a bigger planner bundle that's unique to you! ($27 Value)

Join Faith's newsletter by getting her free Daily Planner Templates PLR at For Mommies by Mommy.

2. Lady Rayven Monique of Color Monthly PLR

Buy the bundle through Rayven's affiliate link and you also get a $37 coupon to spend in her store.

Sample her printable products by getting her freebie Precocious Pups Coloring Pages.

3. Carmen Chan of Simply Couture Designs

Carmen is giving a $25 coupon to spend in her shop if you buy the $37 bundle through her affiliate link. If you also buy the bump offer of $12, she will also give her Build a Bigger Product PLR training ($37 value).

Join Carmen's newsletter by getting her Free Weekly Goal Planner Kit or her Free Home Plant Succulent Coloring Pages.

4. Kimberly Hamilton from Gypsy Soul Printables

Kimberly is offering a Personal Life Path Consultation bonus if you buy through her link.

Visit her site and get a free digital planner when you sign up to her newsletter.

5. Sheila Anderson Mochrie of Pretty Printables

Sheila is offering a $37 bonus coupon that you can spend in her shop if you buy through her link. You can also grab her FREE Peach Floral Journal Printable Template Commercial PLR.

6. Nara of Leto Digital Designs

Nara is offering two bonuses if you buy the bundle through her link: a Done For You Zodiac Astrology Vintage Digital Workbook and  12 Horoscope Colored Zodiac Signs PNG Format. Both have commercial-use licenses.

7. Gabby of A Cup of Zen

Gabby is offering her 18 Sweet Dreams coloring pages if you buy through her affiliate link.

Sample some of Gabby's products by getting her Floral pattern digital paper. You will also be subscribed to her newsletter.

8. Dee of Conscious Debt Free Life

Dee is giving a $37 coupon that you can spend in her store if you buy the bundle through her link. Check out Dee's website.

9. Dvorah Lansky or Share Your Brilliance

When you buy through Dvorah's affiliate link, she will give you a bonus training showing how to navigate and make the most of your bundle purchase. This is Dvorah's website.

10. Jan Small of Simple Happiness

If you buy the bundle using Jan's affiliate link, you will also get two $20 coupons to spend in her store. Go to Simple Happiness and sign up to get her newsletter, while there snag the free 30-Day Gratitude Journal as well. 

11. Becky Beach of PLR Beach

If you buy the bundle using Becky's affiliate link, she will give you one bonus off from her Bonus Page and a $40 coupon to spend in her store. You need to forward your receipt to with your receipt of the sale and let Becky know what bonus you want.


Oh! This is from my shop. I am also offering two bonuses if you buy the bundle through my affiliate link - the Modern Pixies color illustrations and the 2022 Modern Pixies Calendar

Modern Pixies Color Illustrations

2022 Modern Pixies Calendar

You will find the link to the instructions to download the bonuses in the account where you will buy the Plan Your Life and Biz Bundle after your purchase.

Click here to buy the bundle through my affiliate link.


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