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Can't Stick to Your Goals in Life? This Can Help You Stop Losing Your Focus

Are you the type of person who still makes New Year's resolutions? Or are you more of a person who writes life goals at the beginning of a new year? Whether you call it New Year's resolutions or goals, I believe that it is a good practice.

However, the problem is when you can't stick to doing what you want or what you have planned to do. Well, we've all failed at this sometime, somehow, right? What can we do to succeed in reaching our goals?

Mindfulness can help. Being mindful means you're totally engaged in the present. Even if there are many things in life that can distract you from focusing on your goals, being mindful can improve the odds that you will stick to your goals. Just remember these tips below and you're on your way to succeeding with your goals.

Begin with a Plan

If you want to focus on what you want to accomplish, the first step is to define what you need to do. You need a plan to have a clear picture of how you will achieve your New Year's resolution or goals. Your plan may consist of a list of milestones that you set at particular times during the year. 

For example, you want to lose 20 pounds this year. You can set milestones like losing 5 pounds after 3 months; losing 10 pounds after 6 months; losing 15 pounds after 9 months and losing 20 pounds after 12 months.

Then, you need to decide what you need to do to reach your milestones. For example, go walking for 30 minutes every day.

Follow Your Plan

After creating your plan, now you need to follow your plan. If you have set daily tasks, stick to them. Commit yourself to do these tasks each day. Make a to-do list, and then focus on your mission.

Set aside all other distractions and worries. Posting your plan or to-do list in a visible place can help you be mindful of it. This will keep you on track and stay engaged with your plan.

Envision Yourself Reaching Your Goal

Some people make vision boards. A Vision board is a representation of your goals and dreams. You collect pictures, motivational quotes, or clippings that visually affirm your goals, and put them on a poster board or maybe in a journal. 

Imagine how you'll feel after reaching your goal. When you connect a positive or joyful outcome with doing a task, it is easier for you to get on with it. Anything that regularly reminds you of your goal will help you stay focused on the prize.

Give Yourself a Break

Take regular rest breaks! Mindfulness means staying in the present and focused on your goals. But it doesn't mean that you will ignore yourself. You also need a break. This will reduce stress and make it easier for you to get started again on your daily tasks.

So, go on a movie night with your friends or do something that may or may not be a goal-related task. 

Be Open to Opportunity

By being mindful, you'll be more aware and open to the different opportunities that come your way. It's good to find people or circumstances that can help you achieve your goals. So welcome experiences with an open heart and mind. You'll be surprised how many new experiences will enhance or improve your year.

Don't be afraid if along the way your goals and resolutions change. Remember that mindfulness itself can be a goal. So, enjoy the journey ahead.


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