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Welcome to Stay at Home Blessings!

I'm glad that you visited my home on the web. My name is Chin chin. I am the person behind this blog, Stay at Home Blessings. 

I feel blessed that a stay at home mom like me could work and earn from home while taking care of my family at the same time. I hope that what I share about my kind of home and work life can be a blessing to you, too.

Who is Chin chin?

I’m a Christian stay at home wife to a former Pinoy OFW and mom to 5 children. They are my real blessings. I blog and work from home as a freelance writer and/or virtual assistant to make better use of my idle time and earn extra income.

My Family

I graduated from college with a degree in Food Technology. I worked for a wellness company (1995-2000) and also taught General Microbiology at a University (1999-2000).

My career hadn’t really taken off far when I married the guy I fell in love with. He was an OFW and 4 months after our wedding I went to Riyadh, KSA to be with him. That was in mid-year 2000 and that was the start of my stay at home life.

How Stay at Home Blessings Began

In December 2007, I stumbled upon blogging as a way of sharing my thoughts. I already had 3 kids then and thought about sharing some of the things I’ve learned about baby and child care. I was homeschooling my two children then so, I have a few posts about it as well.

In 2008, my first 3 children started going to a community school, so I started sharing what they learned from school — arts and crafts, songs and poems, etc.  At the same time, I continued caring for their two younger sisters at home.

As my children went to school, little by little I freed up a bit more time so I was able to explore the idea of working at home as a freelancer, too. I found writing jobs from two Outsourcing Marketplace online: oDesk (now called Upwork) and Freelancer.com. I also got myself into writing at Hubpages in 2009 from which I earn passive income as well from my hubs/articles every month.

When my family came back home to the Philippines for good in 2012, it was then that I realized that my blogging and working online had a purpose. It was to become a source of income for us when my husband lost his job abroad. What I earn is not much, because I am still (and love to be) a stay at home mom, taking care of my family. But it helps to pay the bills and buy some of our needs.

Want to Work from Home, Too?

If you want to learn how to start working from home, head over to this page where I list some of the ideas you could try to work from home, too.

Family Matters the Most

This blog will not exist if not for my family. It’s really about sharing family matters. So, I have blog posts about parenting, family health, and our experiences. I talk about places we’ve been to as a family, products we love/use, things that inspire us and more. I hope that by blogging, I can make the web a more wonderful place.

Thank you for reading and visiting this blog.  Don’t forget to count your blessings…

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