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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend.

It's been a while now since I began dabbling with printables. I have some published on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform and I also opened an etsy shop. I am getting some earnings monthly but I feel that I need to put in more time to increase my income from this.

Starting from Freebies

As far as I could remember, I started in this venture by joining a free challenge "Publish a Low Content Book Challenge" hosted by Maria of Fresh PLR Possibilities. I also used freebies to get started with creating my own products to sell. I'll share the links to my recommended freebies below. 

It was also then that I learned about DFY (done for you) or PLR (private label rights) bundle sales, which is a crazy way of getting lots of different products (article contents, images, printables, courses, etc) for a very low price. The DFY or PLR products can be easily rebranded and offered as products by your own business, shops, blogs, or websites.

List of Freebies from PLR Printable Sellers I Trust

1. Faith Lee of For Mommies by Mommy

Join Faith's newsletter by getting her free Daily Planner Templates PLR at For Mommies by Mommy.

2. Carmen Chan of Simply Couture Designs

Join Carmen's newsletter by getting her Free Weekly Goal Planner Kit or her Free Home Plant Succulent Coloring Pages.

3. Dee of Conscious Debt-Free Life

Join Dees newsletter and get a freebie checklist about saving money every year. Visit her site.

4. Lynn Webb of Planner Creators PLR

Get her PLR Printable Sampler at Planner Creators PLR

5. Lady Raven Monique of Color Monthly PLR

Sample her printable products by getting her freebie Precocious Pups Coloring Pages.

6. Gabby Conde of A Cup of Zen 

Sample some of Gabby's products by getting her Floral pattern digital paper. You will also be subscribed to her newsletter.


7. Kimberly Hamilton from Gypsy Soul Printables

Visit her site and get a free digital planner when you sign up for her newsletter.

8. Ana Tarouca of My Fair Ladies Printables Boutique

Subscribe to My Fair Ladies Printables Boutique and check all the freebies she has in her store.

9. Christina Salus from Beautiful Planners and Journals

Visit Beautiful Planners and Journals to sign up for her newsletter and get a free ebook on Building a Productive and Profitable Business.

10. Jan Small of Simple Happiness

Go to Simple Happiness and sign up to get her free 30-Day Gratitude Journal. 

11. Helen Ross of I Love Planners

Sign up to Helen Ross' newsletter at I Love Planners.

12. Sue Fleckenstein of Createful Journals

Sign up for her freebies at Createful Journals and be a member of her newsletter. 

13. Michelle Farmer of PLR Niche

This is Michelle's opt-in form to get a free PLR product.

14. Fran Whitaker of The Happy Journals PLR 

Join her newsletter by getting a free printable PLR at The Happy Journals.

15. Maria Silvo of Artsy Challenge

You can sign up for her newsletter by getting her free 35 Poly Art Book Covers with PLR

16. Jenn Brockman of Planning Addicts

Try PlanningAddict's Grapefruit Planner Templates with PLR for free and be subscribed to her list.

17. Catherine at Content Accelerators

Get a free editable Pinterest planner by Content Accelerators and be subscribed to Catherine's email list. 

18. Becky Beach of PLR Beach 

Get a free Undated Weekly Planner when you sign up at PLR Beach.

19. Maureen of Color Me Positive

Subscribe to Maureen's weekly newsletter and receive a free PLR business planner and 10 coloring pages.  Maureen is very generous. She usually gives freebies every week to her subscribers.

20. Ruth of Ritchie Media Creative Publishings

Get a Coloring Sampler Pack when you sign up to join Ruth's weekly newsletter. Or you can also sign up with the one pattern a day for 30 days freebie.

21. Melody Wigdahl of PLR of the Month 

PLR of the Month - Sign up for Melody's newsletter and you will be glad you did. She gives lots of tips and generous freebies from time to time.


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