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Make Money From Home

There are online and offline businesses that you can do from home. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of working from home. Working online can allow you to earn a living without having to leave your house, thus eliminating the need for transportation, expensive clothing, and childcare expense.

Starting an offline work-at-home business are pretty much the same in nature. But sometimes, you need to use a bigger part of your house such as with childcare. You may also need to go out of the house sometimes to take care of some things like delivering or selling a product you made. Still, your home works as your office and base.

Online Work at Home Businesses

If you want to start an online business, you simply need to know how to use the technology available, what your skills are and where you can find someone who needs your services. When you are able to match those factors together, you can create an amazing online business.

You can use your computer and the internet to do everything you need to do in order to make money from the comfort of your home office. Invest in the best laptop or personal computer that you can afford, or start with what you have right now. Then offer your skillset to the type of audience you want to work with.

Here are some online work ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Virtual Assistant

This is sort of like being a secretary. Anything a secretary can do that doesn’t require a physical presence, a VA can do. Some people also call this an Administrative Assistant or Administrative Consultant.

2. Web Designer

With the right skills, you can design full-fledged websites from scratch or you can train yourself to become an expert with certain website platforms like or self-hosted WordPress.

3. Freelance Writer

You can do anything from publishing Kindle books on Amazon, to ghostwriting for people who need content for their websites and blogs. If you are really good with words, you can also provide services as a copywriter and make outstanding sales material for other people.

4. YouTube Star

You probably already know that a lot of people today are earning a real living as YouTube stars. To succeed in this "business" is to find a niche and make daily vlogs about related topics. If people find your videos entertaining or perhaps educational and you promote your channel enough, at some point, you will see money coming in. There are different ways you can earn money via YouTube. There's ad revenue, sponsorships, and promoting products and earning commission or selling your own products  and services.

If you search through YouTube, you would probably find a ton of videos about "how to earn money from YouTube." But I found this nice video that talks about "How to make YouTube videos on your phone from Start to Finish." Watch it below and it could surely help you make videos with just a cellphone and start vlogging.

5. Blogger

Start a blog in a niche that you enjoy, know a lot about, and are an expert in. Post a daily blog post informing and entertaining your audience. You could earn money via advertising, affiliate sales, and your own products and service offerings.

6. Social Media Marketing Consultant

There are a lot of professionals and businesses that need help promoting their stuff on social media and other online avenues. Businesses need a lot of help doing things like posting memes, promoting events and developing better profiles on the ever popular Facebook, Instagram and other social sites.  As a social media marketing consultant, also called social media manager, you can get paid handsomely even for little efforts. 

7. Webinar Expert

Many types of business owners have regular webinars to promote their products and services. They need people who know how to use the platform they choose, how to set up sign up pages, and how to troubleshoot the technology.

8. Online Business Manager

Just like a bricks and mortar business needs a manager, any business online that expects to grow needs a manager too. Depending on your expertise and experience, you can offer your services as a manager in different niches like a coaching business, affiliate business or even an retail business selling physical products.

9. Life / Business Coach

If you have a gift for helping people and the expertise to do it you can become a life or business coach. There are coaches that help people start businesses, lose weight, parent better and more.

10. Affiliate Marketer

With affiliate marketing, you usually combine blogging or vlogging with promoting other people’s products. You’ll get a special link that you set up to send people to the product and you’ll get a percentage of each sale that you make.

11. Online Teacher / Tutor

Today, there are many ways that you can teach people online. You no longer have to be in the same room. You can use live streaming technology to meet with students live or you can set up courses using a platform like for almost any type of subject from learning to be happy to algebra.

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12. Transcriptionist

This job involves listening to an audio and then transcribing or typing the spoken words into a text document (transcription). There are many general transcription jobs available and there are specialized ones as well like legal transcription and medical transcription jobs.

You can enroll in this Free General Trancritpion Mini-Course to learn more about this job and find out if this is for you. You may also like to check out this Free Legal Transcription Mini-Course.

If you would like to try this job as a side gig, some of the sites you can apply as a transcriptionist are Scribie and Rev. Both are newbie transcriptionist friendly. You can also try to check out Appen as some companies are hiring transcriptionists through Appen.

13. Online Travel Agent

Traditional, brick and mortar travel agents may be a thing of the past, but the service does still exist in the on-line world. Your job would be to provide special deals and helping customers plan their trips. An advantage to travel agency work is the perks that are offered.

Offline Work at Home Businesses

You can also start a business at home that requires more local work with individuals or going to other locations with your home as the base. These positions are often just as profitable as the online businesses but require a little more infrastructure or hands-on work.

14. In-Home Daycare / Childcare Provider / Babysitting Service

If you have a big enough home you can use a portion of it to provide childcare. You can make from 100 to 200 dollars per child depending on your location and the age of the children. You will need to get licensure for your state.

If you don't have space in your home, you could provide a babysitting service instead. Find out what you need to know about offering this service in this post: How to Start a Babysitting Service.

15. Event / Wedding / Party Planner

If you like planning parties from birthday, to weddings, to anniversary or other events, you can make a good living doing it. You’ll need to make connections with caterers, bakers and others who can help you with the parties. You’ll manage everything and put it all together and make sure nothing goes wrong.

16. Music Teacher

If you are good with music and know how to teach people to play an instrument, sing, or perform you can become a music teacher from your home. You may need to get a background check to work with kids if the parents are going to leave.

17. Soap Maker / Jewelry Maker / Knitter

If you visit, you'll see a lot of people selling soaps, jewelry, or creations from hobbies like knitting and crocheting. It's a great way to earn money from home with a hobby you enjoy. Some people also sell their creations at local farmer’s market, thrift store and bazaars.

18. Public Speaker

Do you have a motivational story to tell, have you achieved the success that you can help others achieve? If so, you might consider becoming a public speaker. You can get on various speakers lists and make quite a good living speaking. This requires travel, so it’s not working “at” home but your home can be your base.

19. Seamstress

If you can sew, you could start a business making custom-made clothing and other items like bags and purses. You can also offer services doing alterations. You could sell your products online like Etsy, Shopify and other e-commerce stores. You can also offer your products for sale locally by offering local boutiques a percentage of the sales they make.

20. Housekeeping / Office Cleaning Business

It might not be romantic but there is a lot of money to be earned in the housekeeping or office cleaning business. People need help due to their busy lives and you can provide that help. You’ll go to their location to do the cleaning, of course, but you can run everything else from your home office.

21. Errand Service Business

This type of business allows you to help a lot of people do things that they could not do themselves because of physical constraints or being busy with other things. You could offer to do errands like dry cleaning, shopping and/or delivery of groceries, cleaning or organizing. Find out what you need to start in this business by reading this post.  

22. Ironing Service

One of the domestic chores that we can delve into and make it into a small business is ironing. Not all people like to do this chore and that is good for those who would like to offer this service as a source of side income or full-time income from home.

23. Backyard Gardener

Even if you just have a small space for planting, it's not impossible for you to start gardening as a business. You can explore container gardening or vertical gardening to grow vegetables, herbs and more. What you harvest you can sell them to your neighbors, a local restaurant or grocery store. You can easily set up a stand right where you live to sell your produce.

24. Pet Groomer

This type of business is booming with many people loving to have pet dogs and cats at home. If you're one of the people who love pets, you can go into this business. Offer petsitting and grooming services. You can start right from home by using an extra room as your little grooming shop. Be sure to check the applicable laws in your community to find out the rules in this business.

25. Personal Chef

Do you like cooking special meals? If so you can do that for people in their homes. You shop for the ingredients, cook in the client’s house, and then freeze them in labeled containers for the client to heat up later during the week.

26. Furniture Maker

Very few people have the skill to create things using woodworking equipment. If you have this special skill, why not create new items from scratch or refurbish and resell these items. Many start out in this lucrative business as a hobby.

27. Garden and Landscaping Services

If you already have a lawnmower and some tools that you use in your home garden, you can start a landscaping business. Even if you just mow lawns and edge them, you can have decent earnings from it. You can easily charge $30 - $40 per hour.

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28. Interior Decorator

If you have a way with color, staging furniture and making a house feel like a home you might want to start an interior decorating business. You will earn money based on the total budget so you’ll need to be good at getting discounts from suppliers.

29. Handyman or Handywoman

There are a lot of homeowners who need help with home maintenance jobs. You could offer services such as changing a faucet, unclogging sinks and drainage systems, cleaning windows or do some painting jobs. These handyman jobs require skills that you can quickly learn - just watch YouTube videos. You can scale up this business later on and hire employees or subcontractors.

Hopefully, these ideas helped you think of something you can do from home. Being a mom is a difficult job but if you can do something to earn money as a work at home mom it will make everything a lot easier.

Depending on what you choose to do, you get the benefit of not needing to commute to work, buy expensive clothing, and in some cases, you don’t even need childcare. At the very least, you’ll be able to work around your children’s schedules so that you can have a better-balanced family life while earning a full-time living.

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