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15 Fun & Easy Activities To Reduce Your Stress

How are you feeling lately? Have you been feeling stressed at home and at work? Stress can become a major problem for many people. It can affect your ability to work efficiently and productively. It can lead to health problems, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. But don't worry! Stress can be reduced using simple techniques that anyone can incorporate into their everyday routine. There are many choices for dealing with it, for example, going on a nature walk or finding time to exercise. You just need to put into action right now what you think can help you have more control over stress. Here’s a list of 15 things that you can try today to reduce your stress. It's your choice which one your will pick.

PLR Bundle Sale: Transforming Lives PLR Bundle

The latest bundle that is available right now is the  Transforming Lives PLR Bundle . This bundle is hosted by Gabby at A Cup of Gabby has brought together 43 PLR creators who contributed quality products in this bundle to help content creators, particularly coaches, healers, and transformation leaders.   The price of the basic bundle is only $27. You can get all 43 products valued at $1714, which you can customize, brand and sell as your own. There is an upgrade option priced at $47, which includes the basic bundle plus $1377 worth of personal use training courses that will help you succeed in your business. Here's a sample listing of the products included in this bundle. I'm particularly interested in these 29 products of article content, coloring pages and printables.  Content Creation Packs A Cup of Zen - Visualize! The 5 Steps to Success Course Content Bundle value $297 Niche Starter Packs - Done-For-You Self Improvement PLR Bundle value $57.90 I Love Planners - 3

Prioritizing Your Time Helps You To Be More Productive

Why are there only 24 hours to each day? Do you sometimes wish there are more hours each day? Do sometimes feel like you have billions of things to do each day and 24 hours is not enough? Well, you can't do anything about adding more hours to each day. But you can make the most of the 24 hours you do have each day. Prioritize what you can get done and then move what you can't do to another day or delegate it to others. That way, you can be more productive.

Writing Best of Blog Posts and Product Reviews

In the last post of this Better Blogging series , we learned how to Create an Editorial Calendar . If you haven't read the post, go watch the videos and do the assignments. At the end of the lesson, you should have come up with lots of content for your blog for the next month or so.  To complete the discussion on How to Get Blogging Ideas, I would like to talk about two types of posts you can create for your blog. The first is quite easy to write up while the second takes more time to write because you may need to do some research. But if you know what you are writing about, it would be really easy.

Summer Activities For Kids When They Get Older: How Do You Keep Teen Kids Occupied?

Usually, there are plenty of ideas for summer vacation activities for kids. However, older children and teens may not always be interested in these activities! If you have teen children like I do, you probably want to come up with some ways to keep them occupied.  Preferably, these activities would be something that can also get them to put down their gadgets. They've been on their PCs, smartphones, or tablets most of the time during their online schooling.  Here are some interesting and useful summer activities for the older kids. 

How to Care for Baby Pine Trees

Evergreen trees generally have many benefits. They’re relatively low maintenance, able to grow in many soil types, and once saplings are given adequate care to take root, they can grow into healthy adult trees that offer color and shade covering year-round. Their fragrance is often associated with family Christmas celebrations and decorating the tree and with forest walks, rich with adventure and exploration. Pine trees come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes and are some of the most recognizable trees from the conifer family. Planting your own pine tree can make a great addition to your landscaping, help with reforestation, or even be a pleasant addition as an indoor plant. Young trees are vulnerable, however. To take full advantage of all of the benefits your pine tree has to offer, you’ll want to make sure you know how to care for baby pine trees. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind so that you can have a thriving pine tree.

How To Create an Editorial Calendar?

In the past two posts about Better Blogging , we've been talking about how to come up with good ideas for blog posts. Now, I would like to write about Creating An Editorial Calendar. There are a lot of things to cover but don’t worry if you’re brand new to the concept of creating an Editorial Calendar. There will be videos and an assignment at the end of each video. If you follow along, you will have an Editorial Calendar and a system for publishing new content. You can do it in one sitting or watch the 7 videos in the next 7 days.